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Joseph Estrada- The original Asyong Salonga

Joseph Estrada as the original Asyong Salonga in the original film bio

Although the name  Asyong Salonga is synonymous to crime and violence, the name  until now clings to Joseph Estrada's career as Philippine movies "other" Action King. The film bio of Asyong Salonga was a big hit in the year '60's and made Joseph Estrada an established action actor. The movie was a great success not only in the box office but also as a well-crafted film of the '60's.

Joseph Estrada does not have any claim for the matinee idol fame as he was not that good looking. But his own charisma and flamboyant way of acting endeared him to the movie goers who love to see him do light comedy action films depicting ordinary folk' hero. Other than Asyong, he is well-known as " Pepe", the kind-hear ted streetwise guy who will risk his own life protecting the meek and the bullied. This characters stuck to Joseph careers and personality that in due time was associated in his winning the hearts of the masses.

Joseph Estrada is an actor whose depths can not be taken for granted and this is recognized by several acting trophies he won. He was a war hero in the film "Patria Adora" which won him a Best Actor trophy from Manila Film Festival. He was a folk hero in "Tatay Na Si Erap"series winning another acting trophy from the Film Critics and  a rebel returnee in "Kumander Alibasbas" which earned him a FAMAS, MMFF and Urian Acting trophy. He won the hearts of female fans of Nora SAunor, the Superstar when he paired with her in "Erap is my Guy". The nickname  "ERAP" is another public endearment for Joseph Estrada.

His flair for public service is the reason why he was elected  as mayor in San Juan and hold the office  unchallenged  for several terms. He was  then forced to vacate his post  to retain peace and order for the city as a new revolutionary government was then formed under Cory Aquino.But fierce and  as he is in his films' characters, he run for a senatorial seat and won by a landslide.

His Senatorial debut gave way to higher government position as he run as vice-president and won again with a landslide proving that he has  wide support from his fans and the masses who believed in his quinine concern and love for the poor and the needy.

Joseph Estrada was elected as the 13th president of the Philippines and the Filipino voting population gave him the biggest margin against his opponents. But fate was unkind to him as he was ousted by an"elite" revolution that paved to the rise in power of the civil society and the "elite" class.

But Joseph support from the masses did not decreased or dwindled in numbers. The masses cried for him and rallied for him when he was put in humiliation by those whose purpose is to continue the reigns of the "elite" in the government. But as gentleman as he is, Jospeh accepted his fate in great subservience and this endeared him more to the public. He could be "Asyong Salonga" in the original film but he is far from the violent character of the man. Joseph Estrada proves to the world that he is a man of peace and a man of dignity. Until now, Joseph still enjoy wide support of the majority of Filipino people unlike those who are  in material for his downfall.

Joseph Estrada is not only an actor loved by the people but as a father figure of the Filipino society. The humble and ordinary "Pepe" in every Filipino humble and meek culture and tradition..

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Chiquito- The original Mr. Wong

Chiquito - the original  the China man crime fighter MR.Wong

The only Philippine actor  other than Dolphy who has the right to claim the title as Comedy King of Philippines' movies is no other than Chiquito or Rene Pangan in real life. Chiquito just like Dolphy has natural flair in making people laugh but unlike Dolphy, he is more into toilet -humor comedy type. Although not as "simpatiko" as his arch -rival, Chiquito has its own charisma that endeared him to the moviegoers.

He is a dancer, a very good one in fact  and can sing. He started as a star in Vaudeville doing slapstick comedy. Chiquito when asked how he started as a star would simply replied he makes people laugh after each burlesques  performance in a  Burlesques theater in downtown Manila during the '50s. He was then discovered by Lou Salvador Sr. and he started making movies  and gradually stop and shun away from live stage performances. But he would always admit that he is proud of his roots as a performer.

Unlike Dolphy, Chiquito is not a lady's man but a devoted husband to his wife Vilma. He often said that he has no time for other extra activities as he is too busy with his other "Love" which is sports. He is a sportsman who loves horses and motor biking. His passion for motor bikes lead him to do action-comedy flicks using his own stunts. Because action was a great trend during the '60's, he made numerous action movie and one of this is the unforgettable MR.WONG movie series.

Chiquito is  lovable and funny as the  China man crime-fighter Mr. Wong. Movie-goers love him in his black leather Chinese "Kamiseta" with long braided hair and protruding front teeth. He is funny and endearing each time he would make his famous "chattering" laughter. The Mr. Wong image fits him to a T.Mr. Wong is Chiquito and Chiquito is Mr. Wong.

But versatile as he is, Chiquito also made famous several "movie characters" that have made remarkable impact on movie goers. He is Asyong Aksaya, Mang Kepweng, Kenkoy,  Tacio and the beloved-Jeepney King . Chiquito may have so many endearing movie characters but he is well-loved as "Papang" to his fans and friends in showbiz . He had made hundreds of movies that have made Filipino laugh and forget for a while their problems. He is also a good public servant as Makati's most-loved city councilor and once a vice-mayor. He is a funny man  in real and reel life and with a good heart.

Young movie goers may not know him anymore, but with the remake of the movie "Mr. Wong", Philippine movie industry would again remember him as the original  MR. WONG and the only rightful other claimant of the title PHILIPPINE MOVIE's COMEDY KING.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fernando Poe Jr- Long live the King!

The young Fernando Poe Jr

Ronald Allan Poe was a hesitant young man when he entered showbiz. But because he has to fend for his family when his actor father, Fernando Poe Sr died and to take care of the movie production outfit his father left behind, he dropped out of school and pursue an acting career.

He can act and sing but his looks and physique are not suited for a matinee idol and he had difficulties in fitting in to a boy-next-door image. It was a blessing that action stars are in demand and he started his acting career having the "brusko" image. He had several musical movies but less the singing part opposite Eddie Mesa and Zaldy Zorthnack in premier productions.It was in "Pitong Gatang" movie opposite Zaldy Z, people saw the potential action giant in him and his name Fernando Poe Jr became synonymous to action flicks in the Philippine movie industry.

Larry Santiago Production decision to concentrate on action films and create a brood of action stars that made Fernando Poe Jr the action king in the making. He started making  pure action movies with another potential action king in the person of Joseph Estrada. They made several movies together and friendship between the two blossomed. The likes of Jess Lapid Sr, Ramon Reveilla (changed his image from matinee idol to action star) also made movies with him and made Larry Santiago Production as one of the "Big Four" among  Philippine movie companies.

But being a versitile actors, Fernando Poe Jr was also paired with leading ladies in drama-action flicks and this brought him closer to women movie goers. After being a contract star, Fernando Poe Jr relived his father's movie outfit and started producing his owm movie under FPJ Productions.

Fernando Poe Jr has a quiet lovelife and rumors spread about his romantic relationships but none were confirmed as true. It was only then when he made movie with Susan Rocess that his lovelife became public. The two eloped and was married in a small municipality north of manila (Valenzuela) by its mayor. It was the biggest love scope in Philippine movie history. Their wedding was tagged as wedding of the year and a royal wedding as both are king and queen of the Philippine Movies The couple lead a quiet marriage life and made movies together breaking box-office.

Fernando Poe Jr asserted his claim to the action king title when arch-rival Joseph Estrada entered politics and was elected major of San Juan Municipality.

Fernando Poe Jr's reign as  Action king of the Philippine movies was undoubtedly filled with box-office hits. Among his memorable films were Asidillo, Aguila, Iyo ang Tondo,Akin ang Cavite, Ang Maginoo't Balasubas, Tatlong Hari, Mediavillo, Partida, Ang Leon at ang Kuting, Magnum 45, Zamboanga, Roman Rapido, Batang Quaipo and the  AngPanday series. He  was idolized by the Filipino masses not only as an actor but a man with a good heart.

This character of him that made him endeared to the hearts of the Filipino. He entered politics when his bossom friend was ousted as President of the Philippines and run in 2004 Presidential Election against Gloria macapagal-Arroyo. He lost the presidency not because he was outvoted but cheated.

He died a broken man because he did not realize his dream to see his beloved people see the light. But his death did not end his reign as people still love him the way they have loved him when he's still alive. The Filipino people will be forever remember their King and his memories will be forever enshrined in their hearts. Long live the King. Long live Fernando Poe Jr.

credits to the owners of the photo

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Alma Moreno- The sex Goddess Icon

Alma Moreno is a welcome threat to Guy and Vi's rivalry

Alma Moreno or Vanessa Laxamana in real life was a discovery of the late Tony Santos Sr. Alma was only 16 years old then and was immediately paired to budding singer-actor Walter Navarro who was also her first boyfriend on and off the screen. Her refreshing beauty was a welcome threat to the rivalry of Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos and she was fitted against another astonishing beauty Hilda Koronel.

Alma Moreno career did not immediately blossomed and she was repackaged  by her mentors as a younger version of Merly Fernandez (ironically Rudy Fernandez elder sister and the Bomba Movie Queen)but in a more subtle manner. She did Eva Fonda 16, her first and initial stint as "bold" star. The movie became a giant hit even beating Aunor and Santos' movies. Alma Moreno became a household name and established her career as  a sex goddess.

Unlike other bold actresses, Alma won the hearts of Philippine moviegoers and placed her in a respected position in Philippine cinema. She is a bold star that has clean and immaculate image which the moviegoers public adore and respect.

Alma Moreno's career took a different turn when she was tapped to play as the love interest of Rudy Fernandez in the classic "Baby Ama". The partnership was a hit as well as the movie. The tandem also became sweethearts on and off the screen. But it also lead to Alma Moreno's biggest showbiz scandal as she and Rudy eloped against the will of Alma's parents and manager.

But the romance did not last and only resulted to a lovechild (Mark Anthony Fernandez). Alma returned to her acting career and did many bold movies and elevated her self as a dramatic actress.

If Nora Aunor has Joseph Estrada and Vilma Santos has Fernando Poe Jr as love team, Alma was paired to Dolphy to many musical and love story movies. The relationship was not only professional but lead to personal as Alma became one of Dolphy's live-in partners after breaking up with the beautiful Lotis Key. The union gave way to Alma's change in career. From a bold dramatic actress, she turned into singing, dancing and hosting. Her weekly show "Lovely Ness" was a top rater TV show showcasing her singing and dancing talent. She was tagged as the "Tanga Queen" and became idols of the many young girls.

But as if being unlucky in love is a next of skin for Alma, her relationship to Dolphy did not end happily but in bitter separation. Alma found a new love of her life in the person of Joey Marquez and for some years they became an ideal couple after tying the knots and becoming parents to 3 children. But again, Alma's love life turned sour as she and Joey separated.

Although Alma is now  not active in showbiz, still she commands attention and people still buzz about her life love. She is now married to a gentleman from the South and happily serving her constituents as one of the elected councilors of Paranaque  City.

Alma Moreno is categorized as a bold actress but people love her sweet and engaging personality. She is well-respected and loved by moviegoers and fans all over the country. She is the only Philippine actress that has the face with "sweet innocence" and the body oozing with appeal and sexiness. Alma Moreno is truly Philippine sex goddess Icon.

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Our Poll of the month results

I ask my readers whether they're a Noranian, Vilmanian, Sharonian, Maricel and of other Philippine movie stars today and in the past. Here is the results according to the percentage of the those who participated.

love them all-1%

Thank you for shouting your affiliation wheter you are a silent fan or member of a fans' club for your idol. Cheers for all of you!

Vic Sotto- Comedy King In The Making

When Vic Sotto finally gets out  from the famous trio Tito, Vic and Joey, he found himself not only a blockbuster maker but a new comedy king in the making. He is now the highest rated comedian in Philippine Film and Television Industry. He is the currently the host of the long running TV vaiety show "Eat Bulaga" and TV5's "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?".

Vic started his career as member of the trio Tito,Vic and Joey playing co-host to Bobby Ledesma on Discorama. The trio was such a hit with their funny spoofings of OPM hits and this gave way for their first movie under Seiko Films "Goodah" The film was a big hit and another and more movie projects filled in the starting career of the famed trio. They have several hits with Regal Films giving support to Regal babies like Maricel Soriano, Snooky Serna and Dina Bonnevie with movies like "Underage" Beauty Queens such a Rosemarie de Vera, Alice Dixon and Aileen Macapagal were paired opposite the trio.

Vic or Bosing, as he is more popularly called had his first solo adventure in the movie minus Tito and Joey in President  Joseph Estrada's movie, "Mamang Sorbetero" where he played as the spoiled and weakling heir wanting to marry Celeste Legaspi. The wacky comedian stole the scenes with his funny antics and awkward gestures. After a long lul on  his solo career, doing more movie with the trio,  he starred  in his first TV solo venture opposites Dina Bonnevie playing his real and reel wife in a sitcom produced by Channel 2. Herbert Baustista played as his sidekick Bistek.

When Vic marriage to Dina ended in separation, he co-produced another sitcom having a good scriptwriter, Bibeth Orteza in his legendary "Okay Ka Fairy Ko" with Alice Dixon and Charito Solis playing his fairy mother-in-law. The sitcom became instant household favorites and Vic Sotto's career as solo star had a strong hold.

Although Vic Sotto's career did not miss the usual showbiz scandals such as his "Rape" case with Rey de la Curz' softdrink's beauty (Pepsi Coloma, Sarsi Emmanuel and Coca Nocolas) , these scandals even give glitters to his career as he is compare to the King Of Comedy "Dolphy". Girls and flirting relationship became synonymous to Vic Sotto as he establishes his path towards being the next king of comedy.

Once again Vic Sotto will prove this coming Metro Manila Film Festival 2011 that he is bound to be the next comedy king as his MMFF entry "Enteng Ang Ina Mo" tops the boxoffice. His "OKay Ka Fairy Ko and Enteng series bagged topgrosser awards in the past MMFF events.

Funny as he is, Vic is serious when it comes to his profession. He is a dedicated and hardworking guy whose prime goal is to make good at his profession and to bring entertainment to the Filipino people who will crown him soon as "King Of Comedy:. Long live for the next Philippine Movies' King Of Comedy.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Metro Manila Film Festival- The most-awaited Philippine film festival

Ex-President Joseph Estrada is a staunch supporter of Manila Film Festival now known as Metro Manila Film Festival

Metro Manila Film stared as Manila Film Festival during the early 70's under  Manila's Mayor Antonio Villegas stewardship. The primary aim is to attract local and international tourist in the city and promote Philippine-made movies. Since Manila was then the seat of first class theaters, the festival gathered much support and patronage only with Manila residents but also nearby cities, municipalities and provinces.

The first Manila Film Festival was a huge success and gained support from local movie producers. The initial schedule was during the second week of June as Manila City celebrates its founding day on the said month.. The succeeding years of the festival prove to be the most awaited film festival as fans of reining Philippine movie queens and Kings fought to support their idols movie entry.

Prestigious acting  awards plus assured box-office hits make movie producers eager to have an entry or two in the festivals. Movie entries prove to be not so so or low quality as classic movies were past entries. One great example is "Patria Adora" which stars ex-President Joseph Estrada (He proves to be not only an action king but as good actor as well), Celso Castillo's Burlesk Queen, Araw-Araw-Gabi-Gabi starring Charito Solis, and movies of the famed love triangle of Eddie Rodriquez, Marleen Dauden and Lolita Rodriquez such as "IKaw ang Maysala". Dolphy's movie is the perennial topgrosser with movies "Facifica Falayfay", "Omeng" and "Bugoy".

When other nearby cities and municipalities started to build and have their own movie theater, Manila Film Festival become Metro Manila Film Festival under the supervision of Metro Manila Commission and patronage of the first Lady Imelda Marcos and First Daughter Imee Marcos. The festival became more significant as it broader its horizon.

Metro Manila Film festival award-giving body is the most recognized and acclaimed aside from FAMAS. Movie entries do not only vie for box-office hit but also for the prestigious awards. Jurors in the selections of awards include famous and respected people in the fields of arts, entertainment, politics and business in the country. Nick Joaquin, Joe Qurino, Lucuesta Katigbak, Gerry de leon are only some of the respected past jurors of the festival. But because scandals and intrigues play important rle in the movie and entertainment industry, The Metro Manila Festival has its own intrigues and scandals. There was an occasion when the Jurors decide to give one acting award for all entries. The Philippine Superstar Nora Aunor won the most coveted Best Performace in her film :"Atsay" while Vilma Santos, her arch rival was asked to return her acting trophy for Burlesk Queen after a scandal of award- buying. The date of the festival was also removed from June to December, timing for the  Chistmas celebration. Number of entries also increased from 5 to 8 movie entries.

Metro Manila Film Festival saw the reign of Fernando Poe Jr as the King of Action movie with his "Ang Panday Series" which always top the box-office.

Today, Metro Manila Film Festival still enjoy the support of all Philippine movie fans and supporters. Every year, another colorful  pages adds to its book and still the most awaited film festival in the country.

Metro Manila Film Festival 2011 entries are:

1, Enteng Ng INa Mo- Star Cinema/ APT Entertainment? M-Zet Films (Vic Sotto, Ai-Ai de las Alas)
2. My Househusband-Octo Arts (Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo)
3.Segunda Mano- MJM productions (Kris Aquino, Dingdong Dantes)
4.Panday 2-Ikalawang Aklat -GMA Films and Imus Produtions (Bong Revilla, PhilipSalvador)
5.Mr. Wong-RP Productions (Robin Padilla, Amgelica Panganiban)
6. Shake, Rottle and Roll XIII- Regal Films (All-star cast)
7.Hototay-Regal Entertainment/ SMDC
8.Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow-Studio 5 (Heart Evanglista, Dennis Trillo)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ronaldo Valdez- Good looks and good acting combined

Ronaldo Valdez, a good example of a glamour boy of the Philippine movies

He got his biggest break when he was paired with Susan Rocess who was then the queen of Philippine movies. in Sampaguita Pictures' "Swannie at ang Pitong Tsikiting". Ronaldo Valdez, handsome as he is was chosen to be the new leading man for Susan when  Sampaguita Pictures (Susan was a contract star) wanted a new love interest for their top earner star. Ronaldo Valdez proved to be the good choice as he was not only comparative handsome but could act as well.. Swannie at Ang Pitong Tsikiting broke boxoffice and established Susan as  solo star and  boxoffice drawer minus her perenial love team, Eddie Guitierez..On his part, Ronaldo Valdez begun his acting career with other movie productions he made after his debut film.

Little did the public know that Ronaldo Valdez could sing, in fact could sing well. This is the reason why his son Janno Gibbs is considered one of the finest singers  in the Philippine music industry. But he is well -known as the actor.  He has paired with many dramatic actresses in Philippine movies the likes of Elizabeth Oropesa, Chanda Romero, Hilda Koronel, Gloria Diaz,etc. He even made movie with the Superstar Nora Aunor, playing an Ifugao lover in the classic "Banaue" which is directed by  his father-in-law Gerry de Leon. (Ronaldo Valdez is married to a sister of Liberty Ilagan, daughter of Gerry de Leon).

Versatile actor was Ronaldo Valdez another tag as he played many challenging roles which he had given justice. He was memorable in the movie "Si Malakas At Si Maganda" stealing scenes with Dindo Fernando and Elizabeth Oropeza. He and Dindo Fernando made a sequel of the said movie in "Si Maganda, Malakas at  ako:" again playing  a faggot.

Ronald  Valdez continues to act and TV5  :Glamorosa:" has him as one of its main characters. Ronaldo Valdez is sure to give justice to his role as the father-in-law caught between loyalty and morality. Tele novela fans will not be shiortchanged by his acting as he is the good actor that he is ever since he started his movie career. He still has the looks and the charisma women would die for. He can still capture the hearts of his women fans as he graciously grow old. Ronaldo Valdez, a true glamour boy and still gorgeously looking.will make your television watching a different experience.with TV 5 "Glamorosa"

Monday, November 14, 2011

Guy and Pip Loveteam-Most loved Philippine ciinema loveteam

Play the song"together Again" and the most often people will remember the love team of Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III or simply called Guy and Pip by their legions of  fans across and all over the country. The scene is one of the most remembered scene in Philippine movies where Nora Aunor runs to meet Tirso Cruz III and ends up in the arm of Tirso as they say around under the blue sky and a midst the sunflowers in Baguio City.

Nora Aunor then was a lanky teenager singer who was fresh from winning the singing championship in Tawag ng Tanghalan. She was paired with Edgar Mortiz first and opposite Eddie Peregrina but it was with a handsome and member of the Cruz singing clan that she found a steady partner. Their tandem caught attention. Girl is short and dark , the boy tall and mestizo type. What a pair! But fans love them. Fans get hysterical with their singing together as they sweetly glanced at each other.

What makes the love team stick to fans is the fact  that both are in love with each other. The young love aspect of the team brought down the house. Movies made with them as main stars broke box-office. But the love team is made even popular with their on and off relationship, Fans cry whenever the couple is at odds. Fans smirks and giggle when the couple is back in each other arms again and again. The popular is also proven by the doll  love gift named Maria Leonora Theresa, perhaps the most known and popular doll in the history of Philippine showbiz.

Guy and Pip the movie, directed by German Moreno broke box-office at the Manila Film Festival. Fans literally stay and camped at the movie houses where it  is shown.  It was the first reunion after their split up as love team and real-life lovers. The events did not turn out well and the couple again separated and made movies with different partners. Nora Aurnor saw the height of her career while Tirso lost his career and turned into singing but also failed. Fans clamor for their team so another reunion movie was made and as expected made money. The movie was "Together Again " under Regal and directed by Elwood Parez. But the sad thing is the couple did not end the way fans want it. Nora Aunor married another actor and Tirso Cruz another woman. But the love team is still loved by their loyal fans and  another reunion in "Bilangin Natin Ang Mga Bituin"" proved once again, it is the most loved love team of all time in Philippine movie history.

 When one mention Guy, of course Pip is not far behind. Although both are now seasoned and matured actors, fans are still hoping that one miracle day, they will be together again! Now that Aunor is back in the country, it will not be  impossible. A tele novela is most fitting one to reunite the LOVETEAM.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

University of The Philippines (UP)-The university With Culture

The proud symbol of UP's culture

UP is not your ordinary university . It is only for the chosen one. You can not just enter or enroll at UP unless you are an UPCAT passer. which is the most coveted  university/college entrance examination. As early as July, senior or graduating class of private and public schools nationwide prepare for  the UPCAT. The test determines who's chosen to be the real "Scholar ng Bayan:. And every first Saturday and Sunday of August is the scheduled day of the most prestigious university/college entrance examination.

Why is UP that special? UP is the only university that the Americans builds in the country. Most of the building in the spacious campus were built with American Money and by American government until it was turned over to the Republic O f the Philippines. UP is based on the concept of an American University like Harvard and has American education system. Only the most eligible high school graduates are permitted to enroll here and enjoy the privilege of a premiere university setting.

But UP did not turn out to be All-American but in opposite denounced American rule in the university. It has since the beginning the training ground for Filipino excellence in fields that includes government, finance, medicine and health, education, Engineering, Arts and humanities, Architecture, Science and Agriculture. UP students are trained to be independent thinkers. They share common dreams of excellence and recognition. It is also the training ground for democracy and freedom-loving spirit.

University Of the Philippines is the icon for the love of freedom of expressions and thoughts. Its Oblation statue is the symbol of its culture and pride. No other university in the Philippines could best describe what's freedom other than UP.

The spacious campus houses the many artifacts that describe the distinctive UP culture. The sunken garden, The Palma Hall, The Vinson Hall and the cafeterias where students hang out and mingle during brraks from the tedious school tasks and  readings. Here you can see students wearing long hair, strumming guitar, reading, and doing his or her own unique thing. UP campus life is diverse and unique but with one common  scent, the scent of being liberated and free.

Name one well-respected person in one field and most probably that person is a graduate of UP. The prestige is undying and still continuing up to the present generation. This is the reason every high school graduate will die for a slot in any of its 8 campuses.

University O f he Philippines, a Filipino University with Filipino culture and values. A university that is always proud to be of Philippines' heritage!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Celeste Legaspi- The actress behind the singer

Every body knows her as the singer. who popularized classic  song s such "Saranggola ni Pepe and "Mamang Sorbetero"  that was made into a movie where she also starred opposite ex-President Joseph Estrada.. The good singer is no less than Miss Celeste Legaspi. But little the public know, Miss Celeste is a good thespian herself as she started off as a Bayanihan Dancer and later venture into small theater productions. The singer can act. and acts well in fact. 

Miss Celeste Legaspi has  acting stints in productions like Sa Bulaklak ng City Jail and in some musical-comedy flicks opposites the superstar Nora Aunor. She was Erap's  leading lady in Mamang Sorbeto where Vic Sottio acts without her co-trio Tito and Joey as the erstwhile lover of  Miss Celeste.

But Miss Celeste is best remembered and acclaimed as the singer. Her revival of the Kundiman songs popularized by Atang de la Rama gave her a special seat in music industry. No other Filipino singer  has duplicated this feat that crowned her as "The Singer".

Miss celeste is now back with an acting prowess to show off  in  TV5's newest drama offering "GLAMOROSA". She is one of the glamorous faces in the story with Lorna Tolentino, Alice Dixon, Gloria Diaz . Prime time viewing will be an exciting event as TV5 brings  glamorous and beautiful ladies on your TV screen. Miss Celeste Legaspi  will once again prove that she's not only a singer but also an actress. The actress behind the singer will give Lorna and Alice a run for their acting trophy as she plays the villain in Alice Dixon's life.

Glamorosa premiers November 5 . Watch the show and let the most beautiful faces in Philippines' television steal your hearts away.

credits to Toto Labrador, the owner of the photo

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eat Bulaga-Another Decades of Entertainment

Eat Bulaga started as a small - budgeted  noontime show on  Channel 9 during the early 80's. The producers took a gamble in getting the comedy trio of Tito,Vic and Joey who were then starting a name on local television. The trio was a hit then as Bobby Ledesma's co-host in the defunct show Disco-rama at Channel 7. Eat Bulacan then faced a stiif competition for the All time favorite Student Cantten hosted by Eddie Ilarde , Bobby Ledesma and Pepe Pimentel with female co-host Conney Reyes and the late Helen Vela. Although beginners in hosting a noontime show, Tito,Vic and Joey  had proven that they can really give their competitors a run for their money. Soon, Eat Bulaga's  Pera sa Kaldero where each kaldero contain the letters of "Bulaga: became household favorites. Another blockbuster  segment of the show was "little Miss Philippines" where Aiza Sequerra was discover. Eat Bulaga's "Bulagan" also keeps the noontime TV viewers glued to their seats.

Eat Bulaga also have its own controversy. Fenale host like Chiqui Brosas was linked to Vic Sotto and hugged the headlines in showbiz news. The much-talked about transfer of Conney Reyes to the show from the rival Student Canteen gave Eat Bulaga a sturdy hold on the rating. Conney Reyes proves to be Eat Bulaga's jewel making the noontime show the number one in the country.  Eat Bulaga's tranfer to channel 2 made headlines as well as their trnafer to the rival network channel 7.Eat Bulaga did not rest on their laurels but continued to give audience fresh show ideas. Jericho Rosales was Eat Bulaga's first Mr. Pogi. Gay impersonators also have their chance to be seen on television and showcased their talents. Young actors and actress like Ruby Rodriques, Francis Magalona and Janno Gibbs add youth and freshness touch to the show.Even beauty queens and actresses such as Alice Dickson, Chat Silayan, Lara Qiugama and Rossana Roces. became Eat Bulaga's babies. Indeed Eat Bulaga became the steppingstone of many  showbiz hopefuls.Today, Eat Bulaga's  cast includes fresh faces and talents.

Eat Bulaga has recently celebrated its 25 years and to commemorate it, a coffee book book was launched depicting  its journey through the 25 years of its existence on Philippines' Television . Today, Eat Bulaga is writing its another pages in television history  and adding another decades to its wonderful journey of entertaining Philippines. Television fanatics.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vilma Santos-The star for All Seasons

Vilma Santos as a sweet teenage star of the '70's

Vilma Rosa Santos  is a former child star before she became the actress that she is today. She played the title role in Trudis Liit which gave her a stellar performance with Boy Alano and Bella Flores. Vilma also played the title role in Ging opposite Danny Taguim who later became her co star in some of her teen movies. Vilma Santos like other former child star find herself jobless when she reached the awkward age but Sampaguita Pictures gave her a chance to be in the limelight again when she played the young Imee Marcos in the unforgettable movie "Iginuhit ng Tadhana". This also gave way  for Vilma landing roles in drama movie starring Eddie Rodriguez opposites Marlen Dauden and Lolita Rodrigues. But it was the late Tony Santos Sr who gave Vilma the big break as a young rival of the then upcoming star Nora Aunor. Vilma gave Nora a run for her money as she became her arch rival in  movies and Television shows during the early part of the "70's.

The birth of love team  capitulated Vilma Santos stardom as she was paired with Edgar Mortiz. to give stiff competition to the popular love team Guy and Pip. Vi and Bot, as fans called their love team made several blockbuster movies making them one of the hottest love team in Philippines Movies.Although not a singer, Vilma Santos proved that she can make a hit song. Her Sweet Sixteen single was the biggest selling single during the '70/s .

Vilma graduated from her sweet roles and undertook a career shift to being a dramatic actress. She made several semi bold movies which reaffirms her hold to the stardom. Her movie "Burlesk Queen" was the top grosser and number one money makers during the Metro Manila Festival  held during the Christmas season. Vilma has won nanny acting awards and had a grand slam acting award for the movie "Relasyo" playing mistress to Christopher de Leon.

Although noit so active in Philippine movies, her time is now spend with her constituents in Batangas acting as the elected governor of the province. The woman is as gracious as she was during her teenage life as today as a political figure and a happy and contented wife to a Senator. (Raph Recto)
Vilma Santos
From being a star  to a political figure as Batangas Governor

Monday, October 31, 2011


The contrived tree rends a healthy workload.

Sa Ngalan Ng Ina- Last 5 days!

If you been following the life journey of Elena Deogracias, you better prepare yourself for the last 5 days of the series. Elena Deogracias now fighting for her family and position as governor of her province is facing the ultimate fight of her life. Lucia Ilustre will not  just let go Elena and Pepe Ilustre have a happy ending and will do everything to kill the woman who stole the love of her husband.

The last 5 days of SA NGALAN NG INA proves to be more exciting and elicit  the best performance from its casts headed by Nora Aurnor as Elena, Christopher de Leon as Pepe Ilustre, Rossana Roces as Lucia Ilustre, and the surprising Nadine Samonte playing Andrea, Elene's stepdaughter.

Sa Ngalan Ng Ina has proven that no matter how her detractors  put her down  , Nora Aunor still has her avid fans   who willingly stay awake late in the evening just to watch the series. Sa ngalan ng Ina is directed by Mario O'Hara and produced by TV5. Sa Ngalan Ng Ina has changed the trend of the primetime tele novela with its clean plot, no  illogical conflicts and with superb performances from its cast.

Don't miss Sa Ngalan Ng Ina last 5 days and  see how this series differs from the rest.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Liwayway Komiks Magazine- The magazine that Boosts Filipino Creative Geniuses

Liwayway  caters to showbiz entertainment to attract
more readers

Liwayway magazine is the only tagalog magazine that is well-recieved and loved by the Filipinos. Filipino  families withstanding its social group read and patronage Liwayway magazine.because it showcases real Filino traits and values. Buhay Pilipino is one of the most loved serial komiks presentations of Liwayway. It depicts a typical Filipino family asserting its place in the society through laughter , tears and joy. The serial brought fame to Mang Teryo, Aling Rosing and their neighbors Tekla and Goryo, and the likes of IPe and  Bengot. The movie version was produced by Sampaguita Pictures and stars Tita Duran,and the then Comedy Queen Chichay as Tekla. Liwayway serves as the haven for "Panitikang Pilipino" with creative geniuses like Jose Corazon de Jesus, Lope Ka Santos, Juan Balmaseda, Florentino Collantes,Severino Reyes, Pedrito Reyes .Liwayway  pages then have the great poems of Lope K. Santos, Huseng Batute and the prosaic classic of Inigo Regalado, Claudo del Mundo, Efren Abueg, Edgardo Reyes and Lualhati Baustista. Liwayway also produces  top Illustrators who later became famous in Komiks Ilustrations and animations.

Liwayway differ from Komiks in a  many ways as the magazine is known for its fquality and literature value. Both has comic illustrations but Liwayway has its prose stories which are Palanca Memorial Awardees. But  no matter how hard Liwayway hold on to its  clean image, there was a time in its history to succumbed to the dictates of times when its pages saw prose stories laced with sex. During those years it needed to struggle with the hardships of a down  economy in  order to survive publication.It catered to bold stories but with prompt elements of quality and  literature.

Today,Liwayway is struggling to survive as its comtemporary Komiks had  seen its decline .With its glossy cover and more comtemporary approach, Liwayway is having a face lift and continues to survive. Liwayway is now part of the Manila Bulletin Publication and has nationawide and selected international circulation servicing Filipino expatriates.

For further reading visit :

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Luneta Park (Rizal Park)- A Park With History and Legends

Rizal Monument welcomes every Luneta Visitors

No Filipino will tell he has never been to Luneta or more known today as Rizal Park. Growing Filipino kids are usually treated a day trip to Luneta and school field trips is not complete without dropping by at this Philippines' Most Popular Park.

Luneta Park has withered many seasons and historical changes and still remain the park that it is.; a place for rest and family picnics. Luneta was built after Manila was taken by Spanish Colonizers and became the center of trade and political happenings during Spanish Colonization. It was the hub place for many Illutrados during those days and selectively cater only to the Insulares and the Peninsulares (Insulares are those Spanish born and had live in Spain before relocating in the Philippine while Peninsulares are those Spanish born in the country). Luneta had stood witness to the fall of the Walled City as Dutch Troops tried to capture Manila. It is also the silent witness of that fatal day when the heroic death of Dr. Jose Rizal took place. Luneta saw the gory days during Japanese Occupation during World War II and how the city rebuilt itself during post war era.

Today Luneta or Rizal Park continues to offer shady retreats from daily harsh living and still the favorite park of Filipino families. Although many changes has been added, Luneta still has the nostalgic atmosphere of the 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Komiks- True Pinoy Icon

Tagalog Klasiks Komiks is one of the favorites of Pinoy Komiks readers

It's not uncommon to hear someone who grew up with Komiks to say, "natututo akong bumasa ng dahil sa komiks" .Komiks  begun its glorious days during Redondo Komiks era and the great Mars Ravelo has made it as a household name during peace time (Years immediately  after world war II).

Even during the martial rule, the popularity of komiks were not lessen and in fact , the administration had used it as a means of propagation of  the "Bagong Lipunan" (New Society) as the battlecry of Marcos regime.

Komiks is more of a visual arts than a piece of literature but good writers who started as Komiks writers transformed into acclaimed literature figure.  Lualhati baustista is one of them and the likes of Elena Patron, Gilda Obligado, Helen Meriz, Ric Poblete, Joe Lad Santos became popular through their illustrated novels in Komiks. Many talented Komiks Illustrators also emerged as Philippine finest artist on their own rights.

Popular Komiks that haver million followerds were Tagalog Klasik Komiks, Wakasan Komiks, Pinoy Komiks, Espesyal Komiks, Tapusan Komiks, Lovelife Komiks, United Komiks and other lately publications  like Superstar Komiks, Topstar Komiks, Horror Komiks, Space Horror Komiks.

Truly Pinoy Komiks is an Icon and even it is not as popular it used to be, it will always be a part of ordinary or the "Masang Pinoy" pastime favorites.

To read more about facts and life of Komiks writer, you can visit

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

PAL-Philippine Airlines, Asia's First Airline

Philippine Airlines aircraft with the Philippine flag logo

Despite the many problems Philippine Airlines now faces, it is still continuing to serve and remains as the airline worthy to carry the Filipino spirit and the  Philippine Flag.

Philippine  Airlines is originally the flag carrier of the Republic of the Philippines before it was privatized and now owned by Lucio Tan's group of companies. It started with a small twin-engine Beech Model 18 airplane flying the route of from Manila to Baguio City on March 15,1941 with a full 5 passenger full flight. After its maiden flight, PAL became the toast of the town in transportation and communications business.

On the outbreak of World War II, its airplane were turned over to the Military and were used for combat and unfortunately all were destroyed and lost. It resumed its operation on February 11,1946 using ex-military Douglas DC-3s. It was on July 1948, PAL chartered DC-4s to carry American Service men back home to Oakland,California and became the first Asian airline to cross the Pacific. In May 1947, PAL offer a regular service to Madrid making it the first Asia's airline to service Europe. For the next decades, PAL carries regular route to almost two-thirds of the world including Middle east countries.

Philippine Airlines has faced different challenges and had survived them all proving its strong dedication to its customers and to the Filipino people. The iconic airline boosts fleets of Boeing 747-400s,Airbus A340, A330-300s, A320's, A319s and Bombardier Q300 and Q400 turbo-propeller aircraft.. It prides in carrying an average of 12,000 passengers and 180 tons of cargo daily on domestic routes and around 10,000 passengers and 170 tons of daily cargo on international routes. PAL continues to keep up with the growing demands of advancements on aircraft technologies by acquiring new policies and  technologies suited to the demands of the new markets.

Philippine Airlines with its colorful and glorious past is undoubtedly an icon on Philippine airlines history.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Myrna Yao- The woman who introduced BARBIE DOLL to the Filipinos

The iconic Barbie Doll dressed in  Maria  Clara
If not all, most Filipino young girls have and have played with their Barbie Dolls, the iconic doll and they should be thankful to Myra Yao, the woman who introduced and brought Barbie to the Philippines.

Myrna Yao is the CEO of Richwell Trading Corporation, the largest toy distributor in the country and sole distributor of Mattel's Barbie Doll. Myrna Yao, a Filipino-Chinese descendant begun as Barbie Doll collector and her obsession and passion for the doll gave her the idea of  bringing the  doll to the country. Then was the time when Barbie doll could cost a fortune and only those who can travel abroad or have families abroad can avail of the famous doll. Myrna Yao using family resources starter distributing Barbie to the Philippines when the doll was still made from porcelain. It was through her family's business that she started selling the doll and Filipinos (mostly middle-class and affuent families) became fascinated with the doll and sales soared high. The '50's collection was the record-breaking sales and soon Barbie Doll became part of the growing years of every young Filipina.

Myrna Yao did not stop at being a distributor of the doll but also instrumental in introducing Filipino in the world of fashion and Toy collection through her The Barbie Doll Filipiniana Collection. It was her brainchild and was introduced in 1995 worldwide. Another great fashion Icon, Patis Tesoro made partnership with Myrna and The Barbie Maria Clara Collection became the best selling  Barbie Doll in the world.

Myrna Yao did not lose hope when the first time she introduced Barbie to the Philippine, it did not make good sale. But her perseverance and great faith on the doll's unique characteristic, made her efforts paid off well  now that the doll is loved by every girl of all ages.

Myrna Yao introduced Barbie to the Filipinos and Myrna 's Barbie's Maria Clara edition and Filipiniana  Collection introduces Filipinos to the world

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gloria Romero-Her Star is still shining bright

Gloria Romero  plays Dona Anna In GMA Channnel 7 Munting Heredera

Gloria Romero, the movie Queen of the 1950's is again working and proving she aged with grace and beauty. Playing as Don Anna in GMA Channel 7's  Munting Heredera, Miss Gloria Romero does not fail to grace the television screen  every night from Monday to Friday with her classic beauty and royal grace. Although already in her late 70's, Gloria Romero is still a beautiful face as she was in her younger days in Sampaguita Pictures. She started her caeer in the movies in the early part of the '50's and became the star of Sampauita Pictures. She won her first acting awards in her off-beat role in Manang Biday opposites Ric Rodrigo and co-starring  with Dolphy. The movie has put her on the throne as RP movie Queen and held the title for more than two decades.

The young Gloria Romero as one of favorite products endorsers in '50's.
Gloria Romero was the choice to play Imeda Marcos in "Iginuhit Ng Tadhana" and she played the role with perfection. Gloria's acting career was temporarily put on a stop when she wed the former Sampaguita Pictures actor, Juancho Gutierez and stay away from the limelight for a while. She came back with a vengeance when she starred with Luis Gonzales, her perennial partners in some drama films that capitulated her being an actress.

Gloria Romero is not new to television as she had played off beat role in TV shows like "Palibhasa Lalake" that won her trophy from Star Awards and Catholic Media Mass Awards Her most remembered films have her playing a comic role or an ugly duckling turning into beautiful lady.

Miss Gloria Romero is still very active in her acting career and her star is shining bright as ever.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Rediscovering Dolphy

Dolphy,the  new generation is  rediscovering him in TV5's Pidol in Wanderland
TV 5 has done a very commendable act by having a show for Dolphy. It is about time that the new generation know Dolphy not only as the King Of Philippine Comedy but as an Icon of Philippine movies.

Dolphy stars in TV5  "Pidol in Wanderlnd", a take off from ""Lola Basyang" where the King of Comedy tells stories where children learn a lesson or two. It makes use of Dolphy's  comic talents as well as his drama skills in every episodes where new sets of stars portray different folklore characters. The show is directed by Dolphy's son Eric Quizon and ably supported by another son, Eppie Quizon.

Dolphy started his career as a dancer in Vaudeville shows and transform into a great actor that he is today. He played second leads to Movie King Rogelio de la Rosa, playing his sidekick and provides comic relief with those early '50's  tearjerker movies. He became the uncle (with his partner Panchito Alba) of young Sampaguita Pictures stars of the 50's and 60's doing musical movies with the likes of Susan Rocess, Amalia Fuentez, Eddie Gutierrez and the stars '66 which include Dindo Fernando, Rosemarie Sonora, and Pepito Rodriquez. Dolphy became a freelancer in the late '60's and did James Bond movies using his flair in dancing and comedy.

His career blossomed and became the undisputed box-office kings with his movies such as Facifica Falayfay, playing gay roles that suit him like a skin. His movie career was made colorful with his affairs with the most beautiful faces in the movie industry such as Pilar Pilapil, Lotis Key, Alma Moreno and Zaza Padilla.

Dolphy's latest movie Rosario again proved that he is not only a star but an actor on his own rights. Many young people who have seen his two movies (Father Jejemom) entries in Metro Manila Film Festival 2010 have rediscovered Dolphy and witnessed how such an actor of his kind can truly be dubbed as "King"

TV 5's Pidol  In Wanderland continues to attract not only former fans of his John and Marsha era but sets of new generation fans rediscovering the great actor that he is.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ben Cabrera- The Man, the Artist and Himself

Bencab museum in Baguio City
Ben Cabrera or Bencab as he is popularly  known is one of the creative geniuses of modern contemporary Philippine Arts.
His works has the element of comics books which is one of the form of arts he discovered while still a young boy. But he was made famous by an unknown woman Sabel who roamed the street of Sta. Cruz where he lives as a child. Bencab saw in this woman his inspiration and made sketches of her. As an artist, he sees mysteries in his art subject and explored it to send through messages and thoughts.
Bencab arts includes works in sculptures, drawings, etchings and drawing. He admittedly more in love with his drawings more than anything else.
Bencab arts has  strong expression  as he expressed his deepest thoughts and emotions on them. He won his first award while in primary school doing a poster for human rights campaigns. He is an artist whose strength is in the his arts and claimed that his arts focused his mind and drawings is an obsession of sort for him.
Bencab is now a resident of Baguio City after living in Manila and London. He gave up urban living to focus himself in his works in his arts as he beleives that fine arts should be related to one's own experiences and soul.
Bencab has built a mesuem named after him that show off his distinct style in colors, shapes and lines and curves.
Bencab museum is located at Km. 6 Asin Road,Tadiangan,Tuba Benguet.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Top 5 Best Films of 1990’s

Kris Aquino lends some glitters and controversies to  Philippine Showbiz
The  whole country is still trying to assert itself  from transition from martial rule to democracy. The political atmosphere and condition are still in struggle and the country’s economy was deeply affected. The movie industry was greatly affected as brownouts were almost everyday lasting for more than 6 hours. With slow economy, movie productions still managed to come out with good films although box-office results were not that encouraging. The movie industry got excited when a daughter of the Edsa Revolution symbol, the then president Corazon Aquino joined showbiz and lend some glitters and controversies. Kris Aquino, the first daughter became the toss of Philippine Showbiz and the 1990’s witnessed some of her scandalous and controversial showbiz gossips and excursions.
Here’s my top 5 best film of the 1990’s
1.Relasyon-This is a story of a woman who had a relation with a married man. It tackles how Filipino’s Catholics belief honed their moral values and how marital affairs are frown upon by society and the church. Vilma Santos gave a stunning performance here as a mistress who defies society norms and her catholic faith for the sake of the man she loves. In this film Santos won her grand slam awards winning all best actress trophies from different awards giving bodies such as FAMAS, FAP, Gawad Urian and Citizen Catholic Media Awards.
2. Broken Marriage- It tells how family stability can affect its member’s life. It depicts how Filipino families value family and how marital affairs break a family. Vilma Santos leads the cast and under the direction of Ishmael Bernal.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Top 5 Best Film Of 1980's

The late Fernando Poe,Jr stars in Agila
In 1980's ,Film directors became more daring and rebellious in their arts. This paved the way for the creation of the hated MTRB (Movies and Television Review Board) whose duty is to censored and banned movies and Television shows whose ideals and story depart from what Martial rules allows. This angered many film directors and defied Marcos 's MTRB and called it as a tool of supression of artistic expression. Despite the erratic relationship  between the movie industry and Marcos' censorship, 1980's proved to be one of the best era's in Philippine movies and television's history.

Here are my top 5 Best Film of 1960's based on the following criteria: Contribution to the promotion of Filipino culture, Acting and awards and recognition received.

1. Agila- this film was directed by Edde Romero and tells about  the epic life of a Family named Agila. It stars the late presidential candicate Fernando Poe,Jr and Amalis Fuentes playing  as his mother. The film was momentous in productions designs and cinematography. Eddie Romero proves that he is one of the best director the Philippine cinema had ever produced.
2. Brutal- depicts the different perception of morality and how women are abused by society and laws. It was directed by Mariloue Diaz-Abaya and established the lady dorector's  promising career in Philippine cinema. It stras Amy Austria, Lorna Tolentino, Gina Alejar and Sandy Andolong

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs dies

Steve Jobs with his Apple Ipad tablet

Well, Steve Jobs is not a Filipino but it is a fact that he had touched thousands of Filipino lives with his Apple products. Steve Job is a technology Icon of the world and he had inspired many young Filipinos in dreaming of becoming  a computer genius,too. Many young Fikipino look up Steve Jobs and other computer geniuses like Google, Bill Bates as their inspiration and it is no wonder many of them are  doing great in this cyber world and computer technology.

The world will miss Steve Jobs but his spirit and creative genious will always be remembered. His creations and contribution to the technology industry will always be a part of every new discovery and developments that will come.Steve Jobs will be missed. Steve Jobs will be remembered  always.

Our condolences to the family he left behind. The wrold will continue to support his endeavors and Apple will certainly will have his spirit, determined, dedicated and creative. Steve Jobs, may you live in peace .

Aple did not release details of Steve Jobs death,when and the cause.of his death.

Here's an excerpt of Apple staement about Steve Jobs s death.

 In honor of its legendary founder, Apple remade its Web site, putting a picture of Jobs front and center on its home page. By clicking on the picture, users were greeted with a statement about him from the company.
"Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius and the world has lost an amazing human being," the Apple page said. "Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor.
"Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple."

Top 5 of Best Pinoy Films of 1970's Era

The 70's is considered the darkest moments in the Philippines History as martial rule was then declared by President Ferdinand Marcos. If there's something good that had happened during this era is the awareness of people in Filipino Films. Many exceptionally good films were produced during this era and the birth of Experimental Cinema of the Philippines gave way to the career of many world acclaimed Filipino actors and film makers.
Again here is my list of my  top 5 best films of 1970's. My list is based on three factors namely; contribution to the promotion of Philippine Culture, acting and awards and recognition received

1.Maynila Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag- this is the debut movie of Bembol Rocco who later became one of the finest actors of Philippine Cinema. It tells of the story of two ill-fated lovers who experience the harsh of city living. Hilda Koronel's beautiful face also graced the movie and her soft portrayal of Rocco's provincial lass girlfriend made the movie as touching and moving as it is.

2. Minsa'y isang Gamu=gamo- is a story of Filipinos and American erratic friendship. Nora Aunor plays the character of a Filipina nurse who's dream of working  in the US was cut dead by her brother's death in the hands of American troops in Subic US military base. Jay Ilagan gave a stunning performance as Aunor's boyfriend ironically applying to be a US Navy despite the humiliation his mother suffered in the custody of Military Base's personnel. The film was directed by Lupita Concio who gave new heights in film directing.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nora Aunor- Still the best Actress!

Nora Aunor 
Last Monday, October 3 2011,Miss Nora Aunor's mini-series debuted  on TV5 's  prime time. The first installment of the series proved to be different from  the usual telenovela with its movie-like production and presentation. Each scene is like a take-off from movie scenes capturing the mood and emotion of the story with its cinematography. The whole cast show off what audiences will anticipate and expect from them each night as the full story begins to unfold.. Rossana Rocess is the one to watch for what she can show more as she plays the role of  the governor's wife whose hidden agenda is yet to be known. That scene where Eugene Domingo asked Elena how's Amang  after Elena returned from the hospital proved Nora is really the great actress of all time. Her simple answer "Patay na" showed her true character, a woman of strong will and spirit. It is just a short scene but it captured the full emotion of the story. That Elena, now that her husband is gone must face a battle that she must fight strongly and victoriously.. Sa Ngalan ng Ina  with its first showing is heading to a different  path and is setting a new trend in telenovela. It  will definitely stay away from those cliff hanger scenes " komiks style"  presentation.

 With  SA NGALAN NG  INA , Mis Aunor will soon be part again of the daily life of the Filipino masses and each night from Monday to Friday will not be complete without watching her as Elena,  the widow and  the unwillingly successor to her husband's political career.  It is another "Superstar Show" in the making.  which is undoubtedly  the longest- running musical show in Philippine television and  had become part of the Sunday nights of many Filipino families .

(credits to the owners of the photo) 

Top 5 best film of 1960's

Here are my ist for my top 5 best film of 1960's. Let me remind you again that my list is basd on htee factors namely: Contribution to the promotion of Filipino culture, Acting and awards and recognition received. Here's my top 5 best film made in the era of 1960's.

1, El Filibusterismo-this is a movie version of the famous novel of J.Rizal starring Pancho magalona. The actors gave sterling performance lead by pancho magalona and the plot of corruptions and vengeance were exploited in vivid story-telling style and the cinematography captured the emotions of hatred and resentment.

2.Iginuhit Ng Tadhna- although said to be a political ploy to capture the vote of the masses for then aspiring presidential candidate, Ferdinard marcos, the movie is with less hype and the composed acting of Gloria Romero playing Imedla Marcos gave its serene atmosphere just like the serenity of the 1960's era. Peace and quiet but inspiring is what the movie is at its best.

3.Manila Open City- it boosts of all star casts lead by Charito Solis and produced by Nepomuceno Films. It tells the story of how Manila was during Japanese Occupation and how Manila was saved from more damages. This movie started the trends of all-star casts productions where contract stars from the big 3 productions star in one movbie production.

4.Noli Me tangere- Starring Eddie del Mar as Jose Rizal. This movie is perhpas closest version of the novel and Eddie del Mar is unforgetable in his potrayal of the national Hero Jose Rizal.

5.Tubig sa Ginto- the first mopvie to tackle homsexuality with finese and dramatic twists. Eddie Garcia is superb in his acting and proves to be the best actor himself. It won several thropies in Famas Awards in 1970.

The 1960's era also saw the outstanding box-office prowess of Susan Roces and Eddie Guttierez who mostly made comedy-musical mvoies. It was also in this era that the beautiful faces of Amalia Fuentes, Gina Pareno, Liberty Iligan, Daisy Rodrigues grace the Philippines moviescreen.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sa Ngalan Ng Ina premieres October 3 at TV5 at primetime

Nora Aunor
Nora Aunor, the only Superstar of Philippine Movie is now back in the country aftr a long absence. She is truly one of the Philippine Icon of the entertainment industry. Now  that she's back, her fans should not miss the debut showing of her mini-series on TV5 SA NGALAN NG INA. This mini-seres will prove once again that Miss Aunor is the great actress that she is.

Sa Ngalan Ng Ina premiers this Monday, October3 right after Willie Revillmane show. It has a giant cast that includes Aunor's estranged-husband,Christopher de Leon and her former-co-stars in much acclaimed movie Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, Bembol Rocco. It is also directed by Mario O'Hara ,the same director of the said movie. It is a sort of reunion for the three  actors and director.

Noranian, it's time to show hw much you've miss the Superstar. Watch the mini-series every night at TV5.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Top 5 of Best Pinoy Films of the past Decades (50's-2000's)

Filipinos love watching movies.  It is one of the most –loved pastimes of the ordinary Pinoy. They will spend their hard-earn pesos for a movie ticket most especially of their favorite actress or actors. This is also the reason why pirated movie DVD is selling like hotcakes.  

Filipino films have fascinated Pinoys after our American brothers brought onshore their American films  As we don’t want to left behind, we started  having our own version of Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner, Rock Hudson, Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds to name a few. From silent movies to talking movies, Pinoys showered adoration and patronage to Filipino Films. It was during the era of 1950’s that saw the crowning glory of Pinoy films. 

We have actors and actress that come at par when acting is concerned with the Americans. Some of the most luminous names in Filipino Films then are Anita Linda, Mila del Sol, Jose Padilla and Fernando Poe, SR. Pinoy films productions were established during the era and produced quality films that made mark on Philippine’s movie industry. 

Here are the top 5 best film in era of 1950’s. The list is based on the following factors.

Contribution to the Filipino culture
Recognition and awards received

Here is my list of Top 5 best Pinoy Films in the 1950’s