Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alma Moreno- The sex Goddess Icon

Alma Moreno is a welcome threat to Guy and Vi's rivalry

Alma Moreno or Vanessa Laxamana in real life was a discovery of the late Tony Santos Sr. Alma was only 16 years old then and was immediately paired to budding singer-actor Walter Navarro who was also her first boyfriend on and off the screen. Her refreshing beauty was a welcome threat to the rivalry of Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos and she was fitted against another astonishing beauty Hilda Koronel.

Alma Moreno career did not immediately blossomed and she was repackaged  by her mentors as a younger version of Merly Fernandez (ironically Rudy Fernandez elder sister and the Bomba Movie Queen)but in a more subtle manner. She did Eva Fonda 16, her first and initial stint as "bold" star. The movie became a giant hit even beating Aunor and Santos' movies. Alma Moreno became a household name and established her career as  a sex goddess.

Unlike other bold actresses, Alma won the hearts of Philippine moviegoers and placed her in a respected position in Philippine cinema. She is a bold star that has clean and immaculate image which the moviegoers public adore and respect.

Alma Moreno's career took a different turn when she was tapped to play as the love interest of Rudy Fernandez in the classic "Baby Ama". The partnership was a hit as well as the movie. The tandem also became sweethearts on and off the screen. But it also lead to Alma Moreno's biggest showbiz scandal as she and Rudy eloped against the will of Alma's parents and manager.

But the romance did not last and only resulted to a lovechild (Mark Anthony Fernandez). Alma returned to her acting career and did many bold movies and elevated her self as a dramatic actress.

If Nora Aunor has Joseph Estrada and Vilma Santos has Fernando Poe Jr as love team, Alma was paired to Dolphy to many musical and love story movies. The relationship was not only professional but lead to personal as Alma became one of Dolphy's live-in partners after breaking up with the beautiful Lotis Key. The union gave way to Alma's change in career. From a bold dramatic actress, she turned into singing, dancing and hosting. Her weekly show "Lovely Ness" was a top rater TV show showcasing her singing and dancing talent. She was tagged as the "Tanga Queen" and became idols of the many young girls.

But as if being unlucky in love is a next of skin for Alma, her relationship to Dolphy did not end happily but in bitter separation. Alma found a new love of her life in the person of Joey Marquez and for some years they became an ideal couple after tying the knots and becoming parents to 3 children. But again, Alma's love life turned sour as she and Joey separated.

Although Alma is now  not active in showbiz, still she commands attention and people still buzz about her life love. She is now married to a gentleman from the South and happily serving her constituents as one of the elected councilors of Paranaque  City.

Alma Moreno is categorized as a bold actress but people love her sweet and engaging personality. She is well-respected and loved by moviegoers and fans all over the country. She is the only Philippine actress that has the face with "sweet innocence" and the body oozing with appeal and sexiness. Alma Moreno is truly Philippine sex goddess Icon.