Friday, December 23, 2011

Chiquito- The original Mr. Wong

Chiquito - the original  the China man crime fighter MR.Wong

The only Philippine actor  other than Dolphy who has the right to claim the title as Comedy King of Philippines' movies is no other than Chiquito or Rene Pangan in real life. Chiquito just like Dolphy has natural flair in making people laugh but unlike Dolphy, he is more into toilet -humor comedy type. Although not as "simpatiko" as his arch -rival, Chiquito has its own charisma that endeared him to the moviegoers.

He is a dancer, a very good one in fact  and can sing. He started as a star in Vaudeville doing slapstick comedy. Chiquito when asked how he started as a star would simply replied he makes people laugh after each burlesques  performance in a  Burlesques theater in downtown Manila during the '50s. He was then discovered by Lou Salvador Sr. and he started making movies  and gradually stop and shun away from live stage performances. But he would always admit that he is proud of his roots as a performer.

Unlike Dolphy, Chiquito is not a lady's man but a devoted husband to his wife Vilma. He often said that he has no time for other extra activities as he is too busy with his other "Love" which is sports. He is a sportsman who loves horses and motor biking. His passion for motor bikes lead him to do action-comedy flicks using his own stunts. Because action was a great trend during the '60's, he made numerous action movie and one of this is the unforgettable MR.WONG movie series.

Chiquito is  lovable and funny as the  China man crime-fighter Mr. Wong. Movie-goers love him in his black leather Chinese "Kamiseta" with long braided hair and protruding front teeth. He is funny and endearing each time he would make his famous "chattering" laughter. The Mr. Wong image fits him to a T.Mr. Wong is Chiquito and Chiquito is Mr. Wong.

But versatile as he is, Chiquito also made famous several "movie characters" that have made remarkable impact on movie goers. He is Asyong Aksaya, Mang Kepweng, Kenkoy,  Tacio and the beloved-Jeepney King . Chiquito may have so many endearing movie characters but he is well-loved as "Papang" to his fans and friends in showbiz . He had made hundreds of movies that have made Filipino laugh and forget for a while their problems. He is also a good public servant as Makati's most-loved city councilor and once a vice-mayor. He is a funny man  in real and reel life and with a good heart.

Young movie goers may not know him anymore, but with the remake of the movie "Mr. Wong", Philippine movie industry would again remember him as the original  MR. WONG and the only rightful other claimant of the title PHILIPPINE MOVIE's COMEDY KING.