Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Joseph Estrada- The original Asyong Salonga

Joseph Estrada as the original Asyong Salonga in the original film bio

Although the name  Asyong Salonga is synonymous to crime and violence, the name  until now clings to Joseph Estrada's career as Philippine movies "other" Action King. The film bio of Asyong Salonga was a big hit in the year '60's and made Joseph Estrada an established action actor. The movie was a great success not only in the box office but also as a well-crafted film of the '60's.

Joseph Estrada does not have any claim for the matinee idol fame as he was not that good looking. But his own charisma and flamboyant way of acting endeared him to the movie goers who love to see him do light comedy action films depicting ordinary folk' hero. Other than Asyong, he is well-known as " Pepe", the kind-hear ted streetwise guy who will risk his own life protecting the meek and the bullied. This characters stuck to Joseph careers and personality that in due time was associated in his winning the hearts of the masses.

Joseph Estrada is an actor whose depths can not be taken for granted and this is recognized by several acting trophies he won. He was a war hero in the film "Patria Adora" which won him a Best Actor trophy from Manila Film Festival. He was a folk hero in "Tatay Na Si Erap"series winning another acting trophy from the Film Critics and  a rebel returnee in "Kumander Alibasbas" which earned him a FAMAS, MMFF and Urian Acting trophy. He won the hearts of female fans of Nora SAunor, the Superstar when he paired with her in "Erap is my Guy". The nickname  "ERAP" is another public endearment for Joseph Estrada.

His flair for public service is the reason why he was elected  as mayor in San Juan and hold the office  unchallenged  for several terms. He was  then forced to vacate his post  to retain peace and order for the city as a new revolutionary government was then formed under Cory Aquino.But fierce and  as he is in his films' characters, he run for a senatorial seat and won by a landslide.

His Senatorial debut gave way to higher government position as he run as vice-president and won again with a landslide proving that he has  wide support from his fans and the masses who believed in his quinine concern and love for the poor and the needy.

Joseph Estrada was elected as the 13th president of the Philippines and the Filipino voting population gave him the biggest margin against his opponents. But fate was unkind to him as he was ousted by an"elite" revolution that paved to the rise in power of the civil society and the "elite" class.

But Joseph support from the masses did not decreased or dwindled in numbers. The masses cried for him and rallied for him when he was put in humiliation by those whose purpose is to continue the reigns of the "elite" in the government. But as gentleman as he is, Jospeh accepted his fate in great subservience and this endeared him more to the public. He could be "Asyong Salonga" in the original film but he is far from the violent character of the man. Joseph Estrada proves to the world that he is a man of peace and a man of dignity. Until now, Joseph still enjoy wide support of the majority of Filipino people unlike those who are  in material for his downfall.

Joseph Estrada is not only an actor loved by the people but as a father figure of the Filipino society. The humble and ordinary "Pepe" in every Filipino humble and meek culture and tradition..