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Joseph Estrada- The original Asyong Salonga

Joseph Estrada as the original Asyong Salonga in the original film bio

Although the name  Asyong Salonga is synonymous to crime and violence, the name  until now clings to Joseph Estrada's career as Philippine movies "other" Action King. The film bio of Asyong Salonga was a big hit in the year '60's and made Joseph Estrada an established action actor. The movie was a great success not only in the box office but also as a well-crafted film of the '60's.

Joseph Estrada does not have any claim for the matinee idol fame as he was not that good looking. But his own charisma and flamboyant way of acting endeared him to the movie goers who love to see him do light comedy action films depicting ordinary folk' hero. Other than Asyong, he is well-known as " Pepe", the kind-hear ted streetwise guy who will risk his own life protecting the meek and the bullied. This characters stuck to Joseph careers and personality that in due time was associated in his winning the hearts of the masses.

Joseph Estrada is an actor whose depths can not be taken for granted and this is recognized by several acting trophies he won. He was a war hero in the film "Patria Adora" which won him a Best Actor trophy from Manila Film Festival. He was a folk hero in "Tatay Na Si Erap"series winning another acting trophy from the Film Critics and  a rebel returnee in "Kumander Alibasbas" which earned him a FAMAS, MMFF and Urian Acting trophy. He won the hearts of female fans of Nora SAunor, the Superstar when he paired with her in "Erap is my Guy". The nickname  "ERAP" is another public endearment for Joseph Estrada.

His flair for public service is the reason why he was elected  as mayor in San Juan and hold the office  unchallenged  for several terms. He was  then forced to vacate his post  to retain peace and order for the city as a new revolutionary government was then formed under Cory Aquino.But fierce and  as he is in his films' characters, he run for a senatorial seat and won by a landslide.

His Senatorial debut gave way to higher government position as he run as vice-president and won again with a landslide proving that he has  wide support from his fans and the masses who believed in his quinine concern and love for the poor and the needy.

Joseph Estrada was elected as the 13th president of the Philippines and the Filipino voting population gave him the biggest margin against his opponents. But fate was unkind to him as he was ousted by an"elite" revolution that paved to the rise in power of the civil society and the "elite" class.

But Joseph support from the masses did not decreased or dwindled in numbers. The masses cried for him and rallied for him when he was put in humiliation by those whose purpose is to continue the reigns of the "elite" in the government. But as gentleman as he is, Jospeh accepted his fate in great subservience and this endeared him more to the public. He could be "Asyong Salonga" in the original film but he is far from the violent character of the man. Joseph Estrada proves to the world that he is a man of peace and a man of dignity. Until now, Joseph still enjoy wide support of the majority of Filipino people unlike those who are  in material for his downfall.

Joseph Estrada is not only an actor loved by the people but as a father figure of the Filipino society. The humble and ordinary "Pepe" in every Filipino humble and meek culture and tradition..

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Chiquito- The original Mr. Wong

Chiquito - the original  the China man crime fighter MR.Wong

The only Philippine actor  other than Dolphy who has the right to claim the title as Comedy King of Philippines' movies is no other than Chiquito or Rene Pangan in real life. Chiquito just like Dolphy has natural flair in making people laugh but unlike Dolphy, he is more into toilet -humor comedy type. Although not as "simpatiko" as his arch -rival, Chiquito has its own charisma that endeared him to the moviegoers.

He is a dancer, a very good one in fact  and can sing. He started as a star in Vaudeville doing slapstick comedy. Chiquito when asked how he started as a star would simply replied he makes people laugh after each burlesques  performance in a  Burlesques theater in downtown Manila during the '50s. He was then discovered by Lou Salvador Sr. and he started making movies  and gradually stop and shun away from live stage performances. But he would always admit that he is proud of his roots as a performer.

Unlike Dolphy, Chiquito is not a lady's man but a devoted husband to his wife Vilma. He often said that he has no time for other extra activities as he is too busy with his other "Love" which is sports. He is a sportsman who loves horses and motor biking. His passion for motor bikes lead him to do action-comedy flicks using his own stunts. Because action was a great trend during the '60's, he made numerous action movie and one of this is the unforgettable MR.WONG movie series.

Chiquito is  lovable and funny as the  China man crime-fighter Mr. Wong. Movie-goers love him in his black leather Chinese "Kamiseta" with long braided hair and protruding front teeth. He is funny and endearing each time he would make his famous "chattering" laughter. The Mr. Wong image fits him to a T.Mr. Wong is Chiquito and Chiquito is Mr. Wong.

But versatile as he is, Chiquito also made famous several "movie characters" that have made remarkable impact on movie goers. He is Asyong Aksaya, Mang Kepweng, Kenkoy,  Tacio and the beloved-Jeepney King . Chiquito may have so many endearing movie characters but he is well-loved as "Papang" to his fans and friends in showbiz . He had made hundreds of movies that have made Filipino laugh and forget for a while their problems. He is also a good public servant as Makati's most-loved city councilor and once a vice-mayor. He is a funny man  in real and reel life and with a good heart.

Young movie goers may not know him anymore, but with the remake of the movie "Mr. Wong", Philippine movie industry would again remember him as the original  MR. WONG and the only rightful other claimant of the title PHILIPPINE MOVIE's COMEDY KING.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fernando Poe Jr- Long live the King!

The young Fernando Poe Jr

Ronald Allan Poe was a hesitant young man when he entered showbiz. But because he has to fend for his family when his actor father, Fernando Poe Sr died and to take care of the movie production outfit his father left behind, he dropped out of school and pursue an acting career.

He can act and sing but his looks and physique are not suited for a matinee idol and he had difficulties in fitting in to a boy-next-door image. It was a blessing that action stars are in demand and he started his acting career having the "brusko" image. He had several musical movies but less the singing part opposite Eddie Mesa and Zaldy Zorthnack in premier productions.It was in "Pitong Gatang" movie opposite Zaldy Z, people saw the potential action giant in him and his name Fernando Poe Jr became synonymous to action flicks in the Philippine movie industry.

Larry Santiago Production decision to concentrate on action films and create a brood of action stars that made Fernando Poe Jr the action king in the making. He started making  pure action movies with another potential action king in the person of Joseph Estrada. They made several movies together and friendship between the two blossomed. The likes of Jess Lapid Sr, Ramon Reveilla (changed his image from matinee idol to action star) also made movies with him and made Larry Santiago Production as one of the "Big Four" among  Philippine movie companies.

But being a versitile actors, Fernando Poe Jr was also paired with leading ladies in drama-action flicks and this brought him closer to women movie goers. After being a contract star, Fernando Poe Jr relived his father's movie outfit and started producing his owm movie under FPJ Productions.

Fernando Poe Jr has a quiet lovelife and rumors spread about his romantic relationships but none were confirmed as true. It was only then when he made movie with Susan Rocess that his lovelife became public. The two eloped and was married in a small municipality north of manila (Valenzuela) by its mayor. It was the biggest love scope in Philippine movie history. Their wedding was tagged as wedding of the year and a royal wedding as both are king and queen of the Philippine Movies The couple lead a quiet marriage life and made movies together breaking box-office.

Fernando Poe Jr asserted his claim to the action king title when arch-rival Joseph Estrada entered politics and was elected major of San Juan Municipality.

Fernando Poe Jr's reign as  Action king of the Philippine movies was undoubtedly filled with box-office hits. Among his memorable films were Asidillo, Aguila, Iyo ang Tondo,Akin ang Cavite, Ang Maginoo't Balasubas, Tatlong Hari, Mediavillo, Partida, Ang Leon at ang Kuting, Magnum 45, Zamboanga, Roman Rapido, Batang Quaipo and the  AngPanday series. He  was idolized by the Filipino masses not only as an actor but a man with a good heart.

This character of him that made him endeared to the hearts of the Filipino. He entered politics when his bossom friend was ousted as President of the Philippines and run in 2004 Presidential Election against Gloria macapagal-Arroyo. He lost the presidency not because he was outvoted but cheated.

He died a broken man because he did not realize his dream to see his beloved people see the light. But his death did not end his reign as people still love him the way they have loved him when he's still alive. The Filipino people will be forever remember their King and his memories will be forever enshrined in their hearts. Long live the King. Long live Fernando Poe Jr.

credits to the owners of the photo

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alma Moreno- The sex Goddess Icon

Alma Moreno is a welcome threat to Guy and Vi's rivalry

Alma Moreno or Vanessa Laxamana in real life was a discovery of the late Tony Santos Sr. Alma was only 16 years old then and was immediately paired to budding singer-actor Walter Navarro who was also her first boyfriend on and off the screen. Her refreshing beauty was a welcome threat to the rivalry of Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos and she was fitted against another astonishing beauty Hilda Koronel.

Alma Moreno career did not immediately blossomed and she was repackaged  by her mentors as a younger version of Merly Fernandez (ironically Rudy Fernandez elder sister and the Bomba Movie Queen)but in a more subtle manner. She did Eva Fonda 16, her first and initial stint as "bold" star. The movie became a giant hit even beating Aunor and Santos' movies. Alma Moreno became a household name and established her career as  a sex goddess.

Unlike other bold actresses, Alma won the hearts of Philippine moviegoers and placed her in a respected position in Philippine cinema. She is a bold star that has clean and immaculate image which the moviegoers public adore and respect.

Alma Moreno's career took a different turn when she was tapped to play as the love interest of Rudy Fernandez in the classic "Baby Ama". The partnership was a hit as well as the movie. The tandem also became sweethearts on and off the screen. But it also lead to Alma Moreno's biggest showbiz scandal as she and Rudy eloped against the will of Alma's parents and manager.

But the romance did not last and only resulted to a lovechild (Mark Anthony Fernandez). Alma returned to her acting career and did many bold movies and elevated her self as a dramatic actress.

If Nora Aunor has Joseph Estrada and Vilma Santos has Fernando Poe Jr as love team, Alma was paired to Dolphy to many musical and love story movies. The relationship was not only professional but lead to personal as Alma became one of Dolphy's live-in partners after breaking up with the beautiful Lotis Key. The union gave way to Alma's change in career. From a bold dramatic actress, she turned into singing, dancing and hosting. Her weekly show "Lovely Ness" was a top rater TV show showcasing her singing and dancing talent. She was tagged as the "Tanga Queen" and became idols of the many young girls.

But as if being unlucky in love is a next of skin for Alma, her relationship to Dolphy did not end happily but in bitter separation. Alma found a new love of her life in the person of Joey Marquez and for some years they became an ideal couple after tying the knots and becoming parents to 3 children. But again, Alma's love life turned sour as she and Joey separated.

Although Alma is now  not active in showbiz, still she commands attention and people still buzz about her life love. She is now married to a gentleman from the South and happily serving her constituents as one of the elected councilors of Paranaque  City.

Alma Moreno is categorized as a bold actress but people love her sweet and engaging personality. She is well-respected and loved by moviegoers and fans all over the country. She is the only Philippine actress that has the face with "sweet innocence" and the body oozing with appeal and sexiness. Alma Moreno is truly Philippine sex goddess Icon.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Our Poll of the month results

I ask my readers whether they're a Noranian, Vilmanian, Sharonian, Maricel and of other Philippine movie stars today and in the past. Here is the results according to the percentage of the those who participated.

love them all-1%

Thank you for shouting your affiliation wheter you are a silent fan or member of a fans' club for your idol. Cheers for all of you!

Vic Sotto- Comedy King In The Making

When Vic Sotto finally gets out  from the famous trio Tito, Vic and Joey, he found himself not only a blockbuster maker but a new comedy king in the making. He is now the highest rated comedian in Philippine Film and Television Industry. He is the currently the host of the long running TV vaiety show "Eat Bulaga" and TV5's "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?".

Vic started his career as member of the trio Tito,Vic and Joey playing co-host to Bobby Ledesma on Discorama. The trio was such a hit with their funny spoofings of OPM hits and this gave way for their first movie under Seiko Films "Goodah" The film was a big hit and another and more movie projects filled in the starting career of the famed trio. They have several hits with Regal Films giving support to Regal babies like Maricel Soriano, Snooky Serna and Dina Bonnevie with movies like "Underage" Beauty Queens such a Rosemarie de Vera, Alice Dixon and Aileen Macapagal were paired opposite the trio.

Vic or Bosing, as he is more popularly called had his first solo adventure in the movie minus Tito and Joey in President  Joseph Estrada's movie, "Mamang Sorbetero" where he played as the spoiled and weakling heir wanting to marry Celeste Legaspi. The wacky comedian stole the scenes with his funny antics and awkward gestures. After a long lul on  his solo career, doing more movie with the trio,  he starred  in his first TV solo venture opposites Dina Bonnevie playing his real and reel wife in a sitcom produced by Channel 2. Herbert Baustista played as his sidekick Bistek.

When Vic marriage to Dina ended in separation, he co-produced another sitcom having a good scriptwriter, Bibeth Orteza in his legendary "Okay Ka Fairy Ko" with Alice Dixon and Charito Solis playing his fairy mother-in-law. The sitcom became instant household favorites and Vic Sotto's career as solo star had a strong hold.

Although Vic Sotto's career did not miss the usual showbiz scandals such as his "Rape" case with Rey de la Curz' softdrink's beauty (Pepsi Coloma, Sarsi Emmanuel and Coca Nocolas) , these scandals even give glitters to his career as he is compare to the King Of Comedy "Dolphy". Girls and flirting relationship became synonymous to Vic Sotto as he establishes his path towards being the next king of comedy.

Once again Vic Sotto will prove this coming Metro Manila Film Festival 2011 that he is bound to be the next comedy king as his MMFF entry "Enteng Ang Ina Mo" tops the boxoffice. His "OKay Ka Fairy Ko and Enteng series bagged topgrosser awards in the past MMFF events.

Funny as he is, Vic is serious when it comes to his profession. He is a dedicated and hardworking guy whose prime goal is to make good at his profession and to bring entertainment to the Filipino people who will crown him soon as "King Of Comedy:. Long live for the next Philippine Movies' King Of Comedy.