Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lucio Tan- True-blooded Tsinoy Tai-pan

Lucio Tan
A man who lives by the controversies in his business dealings

Lucio Tan's name is often associated with controversies in Philippines politics and business. He is most controversial for his Tax evasion case, his alleged fraud acquisition of  Philippines Airline and as a business dummy of the Marcos family.

But more than these controversy, Lucio Tan's name shines as one of a true-blooded Tsinoy Tai-pan with businesses that rank among the top in the country. Asia Brewery, the second largest brewery in the Philippines and tough competitors of San Miguesl Brewery is own and managed by him. He also runs and owns and  majority shares of Tanduay Corporation , Fortune Tobacco and other businesses in agriculture, banking, finance,education, hotels,propety developments, travel services, etc.

Lucio Tan is a native of Amoy .China and has lived in the Philippines all of his life. He was born on July 17, 1934 and studied in the Philippines schools. He enrolled in a Chemical engineering course in Far Eastern University but did not finish his course. His first job was in a tobacco factory and ventured to have his own tobacco company. His first venture lead to what he is now in the business industry.

Although Lucio Tan is often associated with shaddy deals, he is one of the respected figure in Philippine business. He is not a social figure and always shy away from the limelight. However, he is always associated in various controversies that caught media's attention and people's cursiousities. LUcio Tan is often linked to various women who have been open with their relationship with the man. There is also a small talk in Chinese Feng-shui that his luck comes from his famous relationship with women as a man born with a Dog sign. In Chinese Fung-shui, dog sign people are lucky as long as they have many partners. Although  it is a plain rumor, Lucio tan seems to live up with his lucky charms.

His acquisition of the University Of the East is said to be his biggest feat in promoting education in the country. He founded the Tan Yan Kee Foundation which is one of the biggest foundation offering scholarships to high school gradutes in public and private schools. His Tan Yan Kee Foundation has given numerious scholarships to Filpino students who belong to the low income families.

While he is sided with controversies, Lucio Tan is a man whose heart if dedicated in promoting education for the Flipino Youth as he believes that the Youth is the hope of the country he loves most which is the Philippines.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

John Gokongwei- A businessman with a heart

Mr. John Gokongwei Jr. Fil-Chinese Tai-pan
It's common to tag a businessman as a heartless individual and only keen in making money and who does not care for his fellow. If there's an exception, John Gokongwei is a sure exemption.

John Gokongwei Jr.  is the man behind the big success of businesses like The Robinson Lands which operates the Robinson Malls, Universal Robina Corporation, one of the biggest snacks manufacturers in the Philippines, The JG Holdings, The Summit Holdings ; a media giant, Cebu Pacific and Sun Cellular. Although he has relinquished  his empire to his son Lance Gokongwei, John Gokongwei  Jr. is still active as emeritus chairman of his business empire.

John Gokongwei started early as a young entrepreneur selling food in the streets of Cebu.His success story is not a rugs-to-riches but interestingly a rich-to-rugs-to riches one. He comes from a wealthy Chinese family but when his father died, the family lost its fortune. Being the eldest son he has to provide for his family as dictated by the Chinese culture. He started by selling food and goods roving around the streets of Cebu where his family originated.

Mr. Gokongwie is proud to admit that he did not finish his schooling because he is too busy making money but wittingly declares that most of his skills in business he learned in the street and said that he is a fine graduate of school of hard knocks.

He also admitted that he also suffered setbacks in his business dealings and attributed his success to some people who claimed to be instrumental to where and what he is now. He credited much to the two men whom he has great respect. One of these is Mr. Chiong of the China bank  who helped him through a financial setbacks in the late 1960's by lending him a the amount he needed for his company's expansion.

Although businessmen are seen as tough and ruthless, Mr. Gokongwei is often described as a good man and this character of him had earned him the respect of his fellows in the industry that lives by the rule of greed and self- interest.

Mr. Gokongwie is a dedicated businessman and is also a good husband and a FATHER. When asked which role is most difficult for him, he willingly admits that his being the father is the most demanding and difficult role he has ever assumed. He said what he practices as an entrepreneur, he also practices as a father which includes being fair and equal and treating his children as his most valued possessions just like his business empire.

Mr. John Gokongwei is named as the third richest man in the Philippines and comes only behind Henry Sy and Lucio Tan. The Forbes Magazine has listed him as one of the four heroes of Philanthropy in Asia together with Jaime Zobel de Ayala , Ramon del Rosario and Oscar Lopez. He is now negotiating for the transfer of ownership of Singapore Lands to his empire as  having more than 30% of share holdings Singapore Land is  the biggest landlord in Singapore. He has authorized a book for his 7 Principles for entrepreneurs that retells his endearing experiences as an entrepreneur.

Mr. John Gokongwei  Jr. still continues to guide and inspire young and beginner entrepreneurs and still carries the energy and the guts to be a game changer in the various industries that he is in. He still describes his self as uncommonly lucky man but those who know and have been closed to him describe him a man of a good character and heart.