Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ronaldo Valdez- Good looks and good acting combined

Ronaldo Valdez, a good example of a glamour boy of the Philippine movies

He got his biggest break when he was paired with Susan Rocess who was then the queen of Philippine movies. in Sampaguita Pictures' "Swannie at ang Pitong Tsikiting". Ronaldo Valdez, handsome as he is was chosen to be the new leading man for Susan when  Sampaguita Pictures (Susan was a contract star) wanted a new love interest for their top earner star. Ronaldo Valdez proved to be the good choice as he was not only comparative handsome but could act as well.. Swannie at Ang Pitong Tsikiting broke boxoffice and established Susan as  solo star and  boxoffice drawer minus her perenial love team, Eddie Guitierez..On his part, Ronaldo Valdez begun his acting career with other movie productions he made after his debut film.

Little did the public know that Ronaldo Valdez could sing, in fact could sing well. This is the reason why his son Janno Gibbs is considered one of the finest singers  in the Philippine music industry. But he is well -known as the actor.  He has paired with many dramatic actresses in Philippine movies the likes of Elizabeth Oropesa, Chanda Romero, Hilda Koronel, Gloria Diaz,etc. He even made movie with the Superstar Nora Aunor, playing an Ifugao lover in the classic "Banaue" which is directed by  his father-in-law Gerry de Leon. (Ronaldo Valdez is married to a sister of Liberty Ilagan, daughter of Gerry de Leon).

Versatile actor was Ronaldo Valdez another tag as he played many challenging roles which he had given justice. He was memorable in the movie "Si Malakas At Si Maganda" stealing scenes with Dindo Fernando and Elizabeth Oropeza. He and Dindo Fernando made a sequel of the said movie in "Si Maganda, Malakas at  ako:" again playing  a faggot.

Ronald  Valdez continues to act and TV5  :Glamorosa:" has him as one of its main characters. Ronaldo Valdez is sure to give justice to his role as the father-in-law caught between loyalty and morality. Tele novela fans will not be shiortchanged by his acting as he is the good actor that he is ever since he started his movie career. He still has the looks and the charisma women would die for. He can still capture the hearts of his women fans as he graciously grow old. Ronaldo Valdez, a true glamour boy and still gorgeously looking.will make your television watching a different experience.with TV 5 "Glamorosa"