Monday, November 14, 2011

Guy and Pip Loveteam-Most loved Philippine ciinema loveteam

Play the song"together Again" and the most often people will remember the love team of Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III or simply called Guy and Pip by their legions of  fans across and all over the country. The scene is one of the most remembered scene in Philippine movies where Nora Aunor runs to meet Tirso Cruz III and ends up in the arm of Tirso as they say around under the blue sky and a midst the sunflowers in Baguio City.

Nora Aunor then was a lanky teenager singer who was fresh from winning the singing championship in Tawag ng Tanghalan. She was paired with Edgar Mortiz first and opposite Eddie Peregrina but it was with a handsome and member of the Cruz singing clan that she found a steady partner. Their tandem caught attention. Girl is short and dark , the boy tall and mestizo type. What a pair! But fans love them. Fans get hysterical with their singing together as they sweetly glanced at each other.

What makes the love team stick to fans is the fact  that both are in love with each other. The young love aspect of the team brought down the house. Movies made with them as main stars broke box-office. But the love team is made even popular with their on and off relationship, Fans cry whenever the couple is at odds. Fans smirks and giggle when the couple is back in each other arms again and again. The popular is also proven by the doll  love gift named Maria Leonora Theresa, perhaps the most known and popular doll in the history of Philippine showbiz.

Guy and Pip the movie, directed by German Moreno broke box-office at the Manila Film Festival. Fans literally stay and camped at the movie houses where it  is shown.  It was the first reunion after their split up as love team and real-life lovers. The events did not turn out well and the couple again separated and made movies with different partners. Nora Aurnor saw the height of her career while Tirso lost his career and turned into singing but also failed. Fans clamor for their team so another reunion movie was made and as expected made money. The movie was "Together Again " under Regal and directed by Elwood Parez. But the sad thing is the couple did not end the way fans want it. Nora Aunor married another actor and Tirso Cruz another woman. But the love team is still loved by their loyal fans and  another reunion in "Bilangin Natin Ang Mga Bituin"" proved once again, it is the most loved love team of all time in Philippine movie history.

 When one mention Guy, of course Pip is not far behind. Although both are now seasoned and matured actors, fans are still hoping that one miracle day, they will be together again! Now that Aunor is back in the country, it will not be  impossible. A tele novela is most fitting one to reunite the LOVETEAM.