Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Top 5 of Best Pinoy Films of 1970's Era

The 70's is considered the darkest moments in the Philippines History as martial rule was then declared by President Ferdinand Marcos. If there's something good that had happened during this era is the awareness of people in Filipino Films. Many exceptionally good films were produced during this era and the birth of Experimental Cinema of the Philippines gave way to the career of many world acclaimed Filipino actors and film makers.
Again here is my list of my  top 5 best films of 1970's. My list is based on three factors namely; contribution to the promotion of Philippine Culture, acting and awards and recognition received

1.Maynila Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag- this is the debut movie of Bembol Rocco who later became one of the finest actors of Philippine Cinema. It tells of the story of two ill-fated lovers who experience the harsh of city living. Hilda Koronel's beautiful face also graced the movie and her soft portrayal of Rocco's provincial lass girlfriend made the movie as touching and moving as it is.

2. Minsa'y isang Gamu=gamo- is a story of Filipinos and American erratic friendship. Nora Aunor plays the character of a Filipina nurse who's dream of working  in the US was cut dead by her brother's death in the hands of American troops in Subic US military base. Jay Ilagan gave a stunning performance as Aunor's boyfriend ironically applying to be a US Navy despite the humiliation his mother suffered in the custody of Military Base's personnel. The film was directed by Lupita Concio who gave new heights in film directing.

The 70's witnessed Vilma Santos's  sweet image transition to more daring roles
3.Burlesk Queen- the movie show off the most daring role of Vilma Santos who dropped her sweet image for this unforgettable movie directed by Celso Ad Castillo. The movie swept all the awards in Metro Manila Film Festival but later recalled as controversies set in. Still ,it is without  doubt that Vilma gave a stellar performance in the movie and she deserves to be tagged as one of the finest performers in Philippine cinema.

4.Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon- is an award winning movie produced, written and directed by Eddie Romero. The movie stars the youthful Christopher de Leon as an innocent young man confused of his identity as the whole country is beginning to adopt a new colonizer , the Americans..

5. Insiang- perhaps the best of Lino Brocka's films. It depicts life in a squatter's area, how people ignore morality for the sake of surviving city life. Hilda Koronel, one of the beautiful faces of Philippine cinema is unforgettable here as she plays Insiang, a quiet and domicile lass who at the end became as fierce as the lion as she avenges her  womanhood. Ruel Verna gave the best of his performance here as Insiang rapist. Mona Liza, a movie star of the '50 had a comeback and gave commendable acting as Insiang s mother.

The '70's also has its dawning momets but also saw the transition of two popular teenage star into serious and mature acting. Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos  are both the stars and the actress of this era. The '70's set the new trends in movie making as the Bomba films saw its death during the early years. The  1970's  is categorically  one of the finest moments in Philippine Cinema withstanding the political clouds prevailing during this era.