Thursday, January 19, 2012

Henry H. Sy-Philippines' Retail King

Mr. Henry H. Sy-Philippines' malls mogul

If the US has Sam Walton (Walmart founder) as retail king, the Philippines has HENRY HAN SY as the country's Retail king and mogul. He is the founder of SM corporation that manages and owns 41 super malls across the country.

Henry Sy's vast business experience has him served as direcotrs to different corporations that he helped and lead to business success. Some of these corporation which he served as directors are San Miguel Corporations, China Banking corp. Kwppel Philippines Marine Inc.,Keppel Phillippines Holdings,Republic Glass Holdings, De La Salle University Keppel Philippines Properties, Sm Lands, BDO Unibank Inc., Highlands Prime Inc., SM Investments Corp.,and De La Salle University, Incorporated. He is connected to 42 board members in 7 different organization in 12 different industries. At the age of 86, he still acts the Chairman of SM investments Corporation and SM Development Corp.

Mr. Henry Sy would always say that as long as he lives, he will be working and will always stay close to his stores that he loves most.

Born on December 25, 1923,  his ethnic Chinese is traced to Han Chinese. His business success story started with a small shoe store in downtown Escolta that he set up in 1946 right after  World War II when the people are still struggling from the devastation brought by the war. He took his college when he was already making bigplans for his small shoe store and as soon as he got his Bachelor Degree in Commercial Science , he begun his business journey and work hard to become the Retail King of the Philippines. He is considered as a Tai-Pan with estimated $7.2 billion assests. He is included in Forbes Magazine  listing as top Philippine Billionaire.

He was awarded his honorary Doctorate by De La Salle Incorporated. He obtained his doctorate in the same university but obtained his bachelor degree of Coomercial Science at Far Eatern University.

Mr. Henry Sy is not only a dedicated businessman but also a dedicated husband to his wife Felicidad Tan Sy. He is also a devoted father to his six children who are now helping in running his business empire.

The man is still remain smart and active and fondly says that his love for working is what makes him live longer and smarter. Mr. Henry Sy is proved to be a Philippine business icon who describes his self as Filipino on a Chinese working shirt and shoes.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ferdinand Edralin Marcos-History had judged the man

Ferdinand E. Marcos- the Philippine's strongman 

"This Nation will be great again". This is the battle cry of  Ferdinand Marcos in his first bid for President in 1965 Philippine Presidential Election. Indeed he tried his best to make the nation great while the country is in fighting off communism. which ut the nation in chaos. Demonstrations flooded his first terms with accusations of corruptions and communism ideals progressed and demand his resignations. But Marcos' political clever tactics allowed him to win his reelection, thanks to his wife Imelda Marcos who proved to be his best weapon against his political enemies.

Imelda Marcos was able to win the hearts of the masses with her compassion for the poor and her nonstop campaigns  ushering Philippine traditions and arts.Although Imelda was heavily criticized for her  spending, people love her  and won their loyal support.

In his first year of his reelection, Marcos saw the collapse of his government and in order to protect his position, he declared Martial law in September 21, 1972 and have all of his government's critic arrested and declare a one-man rule. The congress was abolished, too leading to his autocratic rule.

With a strong support from the Military, Marcos was able to perpetuate a new dimension in Philippine Society with the introduction of his NEW SOCIETY or the Bagong Lipunan. With is one man rule, he was able to place the country in peace and all communism ideals were literally removed and those who have such idealism became victims of his Military.

Although many claims that Martial years was the darkest age in Philippine History, ordinary folks would say that all was at peace and in order during the Martial law years. Only those who dare opposed Marcos were labelled as victims of the strongman and suffered under his reigns. People obey Marcos rules and enjoy more stable economy. Demonstrations were banned and Marcos' enemies claimed this as a means of violations of Human Rights.

With Marco's stewardship, the Philippines became second richest country among southeast Asian Nations and have foster foreign relationship with the strong Asian nations like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore whose heads became his friends.

It was also during Marcos time that Filipino talents were used in foreign country-building such as Saudi Arabia and other middle-east country. This grace way to OFW's opportunity to make life better for their families. His critics saw these as his way of diverting the truth of mismanagement economy driving Pinoy manpower to foreign shores just to survive.

Marcos in his rule was able to build structures that are now part of his legacies to the Filipino. Although accused of amassing wealth, still his legacies remain as unequaled and had placed the Philippine in  the economic globe.

The debate is on  whether Marcos is the greatest president the Philippine had ever have or the dictator that have put his nation in bankruptcy. With all that has been said of the man, with all what had happened in our country since his fall, history had judged the man. And whether his critics would admit or not, Marcos had his share of greatness in making the Philippines a recognized country among Asians' , Western and European nations.