Monday, October 3, 2011

Top 5 best film of 1960's

Here are my ist for my top 5 best film of 1960's. Let me remind you again that my list is basd on htee factors namely: Contribution to the promotion of Filipino culture, Acting and awards and recognition received. Here's my top 5 best film made in the era of 1960's.

1, El Filibusterismo-this is a movie version of the famous novel of J.Rizal starring Pancho magalona. The actors gave sterling performance lead by pancho magalona and the plot of corruptions and vengeance were exploited in vivid story-telling style and the cinematography captured the emotions of hatred and resentment.

2.Iginuhit Ng Tadhna- although said to be a political ploy to capture the vote of the masses for then aspiring presidential candidate, Ferdinard marcos, the movie is with less hype and the composed acting of Gloria Romero playing Imedla Marcos gave its serene atmosphere just like the serenity of the 1960's era. Peace and quiet but inspiring is what the movie is at its best.

3.Manila Open City- it boosts of all star casts lead by Charito Solis and produced by Nepomuceno Films. It tells the story of how Manila was during Japanese Occupation and how Manila was saved from more damages. This movie started the trends of all-star casts productions where contract stars from the big 3 productions star in one movbie production.

4.Noli Me tangere- Starring Eddie del Mar as Jose Rizal. This movie is perhpas closest version of the novel and Eddie del Mar is unforgetable in his potrayal of the national Hero Jose Rizal.

5.Tubig sa Ginto- the first mopvie to tackle homsexuality with finese and dramatic twists. Eddie Garcia is superb in his acting and proves to be the best actor himself. It won several thropies in Famas Awards in 1970.

The 1960's era also saw the outstanding box-office prowess of Susan Roces and Eddie Guttierez who mostly made comedy-musical mvoies. It was also in this era that the beautiful faces of Amalia Fuentes, Gina Pareno, Liberty Iligan, Daisy Rodrigues grace the Philippines moviescreen.