Friday, September 28, 2012

Ariel Ureta,Handsomely Funny

Before those dashing leading men became hosts to beauty contest, the  job was was used to be  dominated by Ariel Ureta. While  the younger generation would only know  Ariel as the  the lighthearted father of Kimi and Dora in the the twosome hit KIMI Dora Movies and would not imagined the still dashing old gentleman was once a big star during his heydays.

   Not too many young people know that Ariel was the original Crush ng Bayan , The original Tube debonair  The Handsome Funnyman and Kilabot ng mga Kolehala. True to his titles, Ariel has broken too many hearts in and out of his showbiz career. The beautiful Tina Revilla and Funny girl herself and talented Bibeth Orteza once shared his colorful lovelife.

Ariel started as an advertising man until he was discover for his funny antics and soon started a long and fruitful TV and movie career. He provides the afternoon spice for afternoon TV viewing with his TV Show Ariel at 4 roght after Martial law was proclaimed. But earlier he was the other half of the famous TV loveteam of Ariel Con Tina opposite the beautiful Tina Revilla. He is  also the original Pinoy Popeye and Superman teaming with Miss International Aurora Pinjuan as Olive Oyl. Ariel also was also the other funny side of an unusual cute tandem sharing the limelight with the Boy Wonder of the Philippine Movies, Nino Mulach. He is considered to be the one who discovered and honed the talents of the Boy Wonder Of Philippine movies.

Ariel, the gladsome gentleman is now doing cameo roles in movies that are mostly boxoffice hits like Bahay-Bahayan,kasal-kasalan series and the recently blockbuster Kimi Dora series. Ariel is still active in TV Show like Kaygandang Umaga and in his popular and top rated DZMN Radio Show :todo-todo con Todo with eqaully funny girl Winnie Cordero.

Ariel is enjoying his other role as  a quiet family man and who is happy to see and know that the younger generation still can go  gaga over his dashing look that through the years never fail to elicit "spark" among women, young and old.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Regine Velasquez-Philippine's Songbird

Regine Velasquez- Always faithful to her first love (Singing)

Like Nora Aunor, Regine Velasquez is a product of singing contests. She was the grand champion of Tawag ng Tanghalan hosted by Pilita Corrales and the late Bert"Tawa: Marcelo. She was then using her real name ,Chona Velasquez and only changed it to Regine Velasquez when she was signed into a management contract by Ronnie Henares.

Under Ronnie Henares, Regine's singing career started and slowly became one of the top choice for front acts for international singers doing concerts in the Philippines. She also one of the favorite singer interpreters in the Metro Pop Song Festival and through it, she represented the Philippines in various Asian and International singing contest. She bagged the Gold medal in Asian Pop Music Competition with her rendition of "Walk Alone" and became known as Asian Songbird.

Regine is also known for her concerts and in fact she is one of the few and selected artists who could fill the Big Dome (Araneta Colisium). Her series concerts with Kuh Ledesma (Philippine's Pop Queen) were one of the biggest and most successful show in the Big Dome History. She was tagged as Concert Queen and a showstopper with her fabulous rendition of songs like of those of Barbra Streisand. She was only barely a teenager then.

Like Nora Aurnor, Regine was offered to do movies , mostly musical and was paired with the leading top teenagers stars like Herbert Bautista, Lea Salonga, Mikee Cojuangco and Donna Cruz. She was also paired with top leading men of Philippine Showbiz such as Aga Mulach, Richard Gomes, Robin Padilla, Christopher de Leon and Piolo Pasqual. All of her movies were blockbusters but unlike Nora Aunor, Regine is faithful to her first love which is singing. She devotes her time to her singing careers and only do movies from time to time.

Regine is now a full-grown woman, a wife and a mother and a singer which she admits she loves to be called and known. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rico Puno: Not only a singer but a Total entertainer

Rico Puno tagged as total entertainer of Philippine music indsutry

Rico Puno may not has the looks to make girls run after him but his charisma and good voice are enough to have a tag as ladies' man and a total entertainer of the Philippine music industry.

Rico is the macho guwapito we all love as he sings lovesongs mostly of OPM. He is also one of the superstars of OPM of the 70"s when all OPM music enjoys its heyday. He also starred in several movies teaming with Nora Aunor is "Silang Mga Mukhang Pera" and with Alma Moreno in "Lihim na Pag-ibig". Although all of his movies made money, Rico stuck to his singing career.

Rico is one of the mosr endearing personality in the Philippine entertainment. He has the natural charisma to keep his audience entertained not only with his songs but also with his antics on stage. He has the flair to crack "green" or ditry jokes without offending his audience. In fact, it was known that the late Fernando Poe Jr, was a great fan and would always watch his local concerts. Another great fan is Dolphy who would sing with him in stage impromtu.

Rico dared to take a different path other than performing at stage and singing. He run as city councilor in Makati City and won. He served his terms as reelectionist and then run to a higher position as Vice-Mayor. He won but only served a single term and run again as city councilor, the position he said he loves and let him serves his people.

Rico now shuffles his time singing in hotels and in concerts and being a public servant. He also produces concert shows locally and internationally. One of his ventures as concert producer  is the reunion of 70's superstars such as Hadji Alenjandro, Rey Valera, Marco Singson and Nonoy Zuniga. The concerts was a great hit that several repeat performances were made not only in local stage but also internationally.

Rico is still singing and does some TV hostings proving that he is still the total entertainer that he is.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pilita Corrales- Asia's Queen Of Song

Pilita Corrales in her signature singing  style

She was half-Spanish-half Filipino but considered herself "tunay na Babaing Pilipina". This woman is no toher than Miss Pilita Corrales dubbed as Asia's Queen of Songs, a title that until now belongs to her and only hers.

Pilita was the a young Cebuana who's begun her singing career to support her family after her father. She sung her way into stardom and made her self the first International Pinay singer.

Pilita's early career was purely singing until she was invited to show showbiz and made movies with the then currently matinee idols like Efren reyes Sr., Eddie Rodriquez and even the late Fernando Poe Jr. She was thwe original Miss Wow-Wow, whose broken tagalog endeared her to the Pinoy Masa and movie fans. She was the first Pinay singer to sing along side famous international singers and became the favorite of Bob Hope, the lagendary American-host-comedian. Her " A Million Thanks To You" was a big  hit not only in local airwaves but also in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and other Asian Countries.She was the first Singing Ambassador of the Philippines singing her sog to entertain Filipinos abroad.

Pilita Corrales has some shares of controversies in her career. She was one of the ladies who have been involved with the matinee idol Eddie Guiterrez. She had a lovechild with Eddie (Ramon Christopher) who has followed his celebrities parent in pursuing a showbiz career. Pilita's other child is Jackie-lou Blanco who is one of the lovely faces that has graced Philippine Movies.

Pilita has not yet retired and still continues to sing. She's busy with hotels and private parties shows. Her new album will soon be released bearing new compositions showcasing the reason why she's dubbed as Queen of Songs. She also busied herself with some TV sitcoms and comedy movies when she's not too busy singing.

Pilita Corrales, still gorgeous as she is, is still the iconic Miss Wow-Wow of the Philippine Music and Movies.

Friday, March 2, 2012

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