Friday, October 14, 2011

Komiks- True Pinoy Icon

Tagalog Klasiks Komiks is one of the favorites of Pinoy Komiks readers

It's not uncommon to hear someone who grew up with Komiks to say, "natututo akong bumasa ng dahil sa komiks" .Komiks  begun its glorious days during Redondo Komiks era and the great Mars Ravelo has made it as a household name during peace time (Years immediately  after world war II).

Even during the martial rule, the popularity of komiks were not lessen and in fact , the administration had used it as a means of propagation of  the "Bagong Lipunan" (New Society) as the battlecry of Marcos regime.

Komiks is more of a visual arts than a piece of literature but good writers who started as Komiks writers transformed into acclaimed literature figure.  Lualhati baustista is one of them and the likes of Elena Patron, Gilda Obligado, Helen Meriz, Ric Poblete, Joe Lad Santos became popular through their illustrated novels in Komiks. Many talented Komiks Illustrators also emerged as Philippine finest artist on their own rights.

Popular Komiks that haver million followerds were Tagalog Klasik Komiks, Wakasan Komiks, Pinoy Komiks, Espesyal Komiks, Tapusan Komiks, Lovelife Komiks, United Komiks and other lately publications  like Superstar Komiks, Topstar Komiks, Horror Komiks, Space Horror Komiks.

Truly Pinoy Komiks is an Icon and even it is not as popular it used to be, it will always be a part of ordinary or the "Masang Pinoy" pastime favorites.

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