Thursday, October 20, 2011

Luneta Park (Rizal Park)- A Park With History and Legends

Rizal Monument welcomes every Luneta Visitors

No Filipino will tell he has never been to Luneta or more known today as Rizal Park. Growing Filipino kids are usually treated a day trip to Luneta and school field trips is not complete without dropping by at this Philippines' Most Popular Park.

Luneta Park has withered many seasons and historical changes and still remain the park that it is.; a place for rest and family picnics. Luneta was built after Manila was taken by Spanish Colonizers and became the center of trade and political happenings during Spanish Colonization. It was the hub place for many Illutrados during those days and selectively cater only to the Insulares and the Peninsulares (Insulares are those Spanish born and had live in Spain before relocating in the Philippine while Peninsulares are those Spanish born in the country). Luneta had stood witness to the fall of the Walled City as Dutch Troops tried to capture Manila. It is also the silent witness of that fatal day when the heroic death of Dr. Jose Rizal took place. Luneta saw the gory days during Japanese Occupation during World War II and how the city rebuilt itself during post war era.

Today Luneta or Rizal Park continues to offer shady retreats from daily harsh living and still the favorite park of Filipino families. Although many changes has been added, Luneta still has the nostalgic atmosphere of the 

by gone days in our history and culture. The Kalesa Ride around the park is a romantic cue from our past. The Rizal Monument welcomes every local and foreign visitors and picture taking here is a delightful experience.

In and around Luneta stood many historical landmarks serving as memento of our culture and traditions. The Manila Hotel is a magnificent structure that showcases Filipino traditions and culture to foreign visitors and dignitaries. The Quirino Grandstand in Luneta is a  prompt reminder of many political events as the place for many Presidential Oath-Taking ceremonies. The Senate House saw many political turmoil and political changes brought about by progress and Philippines' political maturity. But despite of  this, L uneta still remains the park for all seasons for every Filipino family. With so many entertainment places around today, ordinary Filipino Folks still flock to Luneta to take a share of its breezy air and lay down on its cool and green grasses. A walk in the park is simply" namamasyal ng walang pera",  a tribute to the essence of this park to the Filipino Masses.

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