Monday, October 3, 2011

Nora Aunor- Still the best Actress!

Nora Aunor 
Last Monday, October 3 2011,Miss Nora Aunor's mini-series debuted  on TV5 's  prime time. The first installment of the series proved to be different from  the usual telenovela with its movie-like production and presentation. Each scene is like a take-off from movie scenes capturing the mood and emotion of the story with its cinematography. The whole cast show off what audiences will anticipate and expect from them each night as the full story begins to unfold.. Rossana Rocess is the one to watch for what she can show more as she plays the role of  the governor's wife whose hidden agenda is yet to be known. That scene where Eugene Domingo asked Elena how's Amang  after Elena returned from the hospital proved Nora is really the great actress of all time. Her simple answer "Patay na" showed her true character, a woman of strong will and spirit. It is just a short scene but it captured the full emotion of the story. That Elena, now that her husband is gone must face a battle that she must fight strongly and victoriously.. Sa Ngalan ng Ina  with its first showing is heading to a different  path and is setting a new trend in telenovela. It  will definitely stay away from those cliff hanger scenes " komiks style"  presentation.

 With  SA NGALAN NG  INA , Mis Aunor will soon be part again of the daily life of the Filipino masses and each night from Monday to Friday will not be complete without watching her as Elena,  the widow and  the unwillingly successor to her husband's political career.  It is another "Superstar Show" in the making.  which is undoubtedly  the longest- running musical show in Philippine television and  had become part of the Sunday nights of many Filipino families .

(credits to the owners of the photo)