Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rico Puno: Not only a singer but a Total entertainer

Rico Puno tagged as total entertainer of Philippine music indsutry

Rico Puno may not has the looks to make girls run after him but his charisma and good voice are enough to have a tag as ladies' man and a total entertainer of the Philippine music industry.

Rico is the macho guwapito we all love as he sings lovesongs mostly of OPM. He is also one of the superstars of OPM of the 70"s when all OPM music enjoys its heyday. He also starred in several movies teaming with Nora Aunor is "Silang Mga Mukhang Pera" and with Alma Moreno in "Lihim na Pag-ibig". Although all of his movies made money, Rico stuck to his singing career.

Rico is one of the mosr endearing personality in the Philippine entertainment. He has the natural charisma to keep his audience entertained not only with his songs but also with his antics on stage. He has the flair to crack "green" or ditry jokes without offending his audience. In fact, it was known that the late Fernando Poe Jr, was a great fan and would always watch his local concerts. Another great fan is Dolphy who would sing with him in stage impromtu.

Rico dared to take a different path other than performing at stage and singing. He run as city councilor in Makati City and won. He served his terms as reelectionist and then run to a higher position as Vice-Mayor. He won but only served a single term and run again as city councilor, the position he said he loves and let him serves his people.

Rico now shuffles his time singing in hotels and in concerts and being a public servant. He also produces concert shows locally and internationally. One of his ventures as concert producer  is the reunion of 70's superstars such as Hadji Alenjandro, Rey Valera, Marco Singson and Nonoy Zuniga. The concerts was a great hit that several repeat performances were made not only in local stage but also internationally.

Rico is still singing and does some TV hostings proving that he is still the total entertainer that he is.