Friday, September 28, 2012

Ariel Ureta,Handsomely Funny

Before those dashing leading men became hosts to beauty contest, the  job was was used to be  dominated by Ariel Ureta. While  the younger generation would only know  Ariel as the  the lighthearted father of Kimi and Dora in the the twosome hit KIMI Dora Movies and would not imagined the still dashing old gentleman was once a big star during his heydays.

   Not too many young people know that Ariel was the original Crush ng Bayan , The original Tube debonair  The Handsome Funnyman and Kilabot ng mga Kolehala. True to his titles, Ariel has broken too many hearts in and out of his showbiz career. The beautiful Tina Revilla and Funny girl herself and talented Bibeth Orteza once shared his colorful lovelife.

Ariel started as an advertising man until he was discover for his funny antics and soon started a long and fruitful TV and movie career. He provides the afternoon spice for afternoon TV viewing with his TV Show Ariel at 4 roght after Martial law was proclaimed. But earlier he was the other half of the famous TV loveteam of Ariel Con Tina opposite the beautiful Tina Revilla. He is  also the original Pinoy Popeye and Superman teaming with Miss International Aurora Pinjuan as Olive Oyl. Ariel also was also the other funny side of an unusual cute tandem sharing the limelight with the Boy Wonder of the Philippine Movies, Nino Mulach. He is considered to be the one who discovered and honed the talents of the Boy Wonder Of Philippine movies.

Ariel, the gladsome gentleman is now doing cameo roles in movies that are mostly boxoffice hits like Bahay-Bahayan,kasal-kasalan series and the recently blockbuster Kimi Dora series. Ariel is still active in TV Show like Kaygandang Umaga and in his popular and top rated DZMN Radio Show :todo-todo con Todo with eqaully funny girl Winnie Cordero.

Ariel is enjoying his other role as  a quiet family man and who is happy to see and know that the younger generation still can go  gaga over his dashing look that through the years never fail to elicit "spark" among women, young and old.